continuing series we are going to jump over to Asia, where they usually call these things “water villas” instead of overwater bungalows. The Maldives, which is just southwest of India, is actually home to about two-thirds of all the overwater bungalows in the world, and this week's resort is one of many that offers fantastic value.

The Maldives is very popular with Europeans since it's an easy overnight flight from anywhere in the region, but it's a tougher sell for Americans since the flight even from Los Angeles will take an entire day. That's a big shame because the Maldives has so many options that you get a LOT more for your money as compared to the Bora Bora overwater bungalow hotels, for example.

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This week: Jacuzzi villas at the Veligandu Island Resort

Veligandu Island Resort – Maldives

The Veligandu Island Resort has 76 rooms with 64 of those being the water villas. Better still, 54 of those are the Jacuzzi Water Villas that each feature a private Jacuzzi in a partially enclosed section of the sundeck. Imagine sharing a bottle or two of champagne while relaxing with your partner in a private Jacuzzi overlooking the turquoise lagoon just below?


As if the Jacuzzi wasn’t enough, these water villas also come with a partially outdoor bathroom and shower. This allows you full privacy in a warm tropical climate, with a refreshing place to rinse off after a dip in the lagoon or some time in the Jacuzzi.


The Jacuzzi rooms are also huge, at 926 square feet (86 m²), which is larger than a one-bedroom apartment in most big cities. You also get a 36″ flatscreen TV and many other luxury amenities so this is a solid 4-star resort in spite of its reasonable price. Visit their Duniye Spa for a massage or the treatment of your choice to top it all off.


Of course the Veligandu Resort also has scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking, catamaraning and a white sand beach, so there’ll be no shortage of things to do during the day. On the other hand, just relaxing on your private sundeck or on the beach is going to be enough for many people.

>More information about the Veligandu Island Resort – Maldives

Room rates – All-inclusive

Perhaps most amazing of all is that even the Jacuzzi Water Villas start at US$500 per night, with all meals included for two at their well-regarded buffet restaurant. This also includes most of the non-motorized water sports and other activities.


Those wanting a bit more can pay around US$100 extra per day per couple for a full “all-inclusive” deal, which includes alcoholic beverages and quite a few more daily activities and tour options.


The Veligandu Island Resort gets excellent reviews from nearly all guests so it easily makes our list of highly recommended Maldives water villas.

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  1. Hello Roger,
    We are a family of four with kids aged 8 and 5.
    We are planning our trip in the last week of August.
    How’s the climate during this period and how many days it is advisable stay?
    I would like to know about some good kid friendly and all inclusive resorts with good deals.

    1. Madhu,

      The weather in the Maldives is almost the same all year round, although there are actual variations from island to island because these resorts stretch several thousand kilometers from north to south. My advice is to choose a resort that you might like and then check the reviews from that same month last year and the year before to see what previous guests said about the weather. In most cases guests don’t mention the weather because it’s warm every day and the rain storms tend to last only 20 minutes or less. From late May through early July the rain can last for hours in certain parts of the Maldives, but in August the storms will be over quickly and sometimes they happen overnight.

      Here are our favorite Maldives resorts for families with great activities for kids (and adults).

      Our favorite all-inclusive resorts for great rates is Meeru Island, and it’s pretty good for families, though not the best.

      Aside from that one it’s hard to know which is the best deal because most resorts tend to offer great deals when they are a bit slow, and keep prices high when they are booked up more. It’s best to just go into and put in your travel dates to see which resorts are offering the best all-inclusive deals for that period. Have a great trip. -Roger