With a dramatic location that is among the most isolated in the South Pacific, the Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts has that ‘paradise' feel that most dream of for a romantic holiday. The 24 overwater bungalows come in two sizes, with the smaller ones still being quite large, and the Overwater Suites being among the largest in the South Pacific.

The grounds are beautiful and with only a total of 37 rooms including the beach bungalows, the hotel feels both secluded and personal. In spite of its modest size there are many free activities included for guests, plus a wide range of excursions available to explore other parts of the atoll. Anyone looking for a private and romantic hideaway in a moderate price range should find the Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts to their liking.

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Overall the Le Tikehau by Pearl Resorts gets very good reviews from previous guests. The location is described as stunningly beautiful by most, and many people are surprised at the large size of the overwater bungalows. A few reviews point out that service can feel indifferent, which is actually true of most resorts in the South Pacific. The food generally gets good reviews, but some point out that there should be more variety since it’s the only dining option available without going into the town by boat.


The resort is described as romantic and a perfect couples getaway by most, though the family facilities and many activity options make it quite versatile. Considering that this resort is in the moderate price category, it gets better reviews than most other resorts in its class.

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