Featuring a total of 142 rooms and suites, the Warwick Le Lagon is a large and busy resort overlooking Erakor Lagoon. There are only 4 Island Suites (overwater bungalows) here, and those are overhanging into the lagoon with entrances on a peninsula, so they aren't the classic rooms-on-stilts experience. Still, this is a popular 4-star resort that is big with families, so it's ideal for the right kind of visitors.

There are all-inclusive meal options plus a very long list of included activities, making this a better value than it might otherwise seem. Another benefit is that it's only a 15-minute drive into Port Vila itself, so those who prefer a wider range of food options (or cheaper ones) will have many choices.

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The reviews for the Warwick Le Lagon Resort are generally very positive, though there are a few minor complaints. Generally the location and resort itself get very high marks, as does the long list of included non-motorized activities. The food is well liked, though some complain the prices are a little on the high side and that you should go into town instead for your dining options.


The Kids’ Club seems to be very busy and the resort does in fact cater to families, which is a big plus to some. Some find the staff to be a bit slow moving, but that’s the case at many resorts in the South Pacific so it’s not unique to this place.