Maldives water villa for US$208 per night per couple, half-board

It continues to surprise us how great the deals are in the Maldives this coming summer. Last week we highlighted the best new deals for Maldives water villas by listing all the better resorts that have drastically reduced their prices recently. The one we listed on the bottom of that page deserves a bit more attention since it's easily the cheapest Maldives water villa of all, even the it's quite a nice resort.

The Angaga Island Resort and Spa is a small private island with 20 water villas and 50 garden and beach bungalows, and this June through August they have cut their rates to well under half their high-season rates, which are already quite reasonable. [read more]

Astonishing deals on Maldives water villas this summer

Each week we comb all the best deals on water villas and overwater bungalows around the world to present the most interesting one for our readers. This week we came upon a treasure trove of amazing discounts on Maldives water bungalows for the summer months.

Even though the Maldives weather is nearly the same all year round, with just a few more quick rain storms during the summer than the winter, the months of June through August are the off season for the resorts with the lowest prices of the year. [read more]

About overwater bungalows and water villas

First introduced in the South Pacific only a few decades ago, the overwater bungalow is now one of the hottest trends in the resort world. Honeymoon couples have been staying in these iconic rooms since the beginning, but now they are popular with families and adventure travelers as well.

For many people, the South Pacific island of Bora Bora is the most famous destination for the best overwater bungalows, but it's actually the Maldives, which is just southwest of India, where most of these huts-on-stilts exist. The Maldives has more than 90 resorts that feature water villas (as they are typically known there), with several new private-island resorts opening every year.

In the South Pacific you will find almost a dozen resorts on Bora Bora, another five on Moorea, and two on Tahiti that have over water villas. There are about 10 additional overwater resorts on other South Pacific islands stretching all the way to Fiji and New Caladonia.

There are also about a dozen overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean, mostly off the coast of Central America, with nearly all of them being diving-oriented “eco resorts.” But a few luxury overwater bungalows exist and more are being built on St. Lucia and other islands in the popular areas of the Caribbean, and this website will be the best place to look for information on all of them.