The only overwater bungalow resort on the small island of Huahine, the Royal Huahine Resort (formerly known as Te Tiare Beach Resort) is a popular and solid 3-star hotel that is ideal for those interested in a secluded and beautiful Polynesian location. Room rates are noticeably lower than the international 5-star resort chains on nearby Bora Bora, so it's important to adjust your expectations and realize this will not be the same sort of hotel.

Its secluded location and small size make this a perfect resort for honeymoons or other romantic getaways for those struggling to afford the extremely expensive hotels in the region. Since the general vibe here is quite different, many people like to combine a short stay here with a stay at one or more of the other overwater bungalow resorts in the area for the sake of variety and additional experiences.

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Reviews for the Royal Huahine Resort are mostly positive, but definitely a bit mixed as well. Previous guests mention that rooms are quite large and are nicely appointed, but others point out that this is more of a 3-star resort in the fat that the rooms are a bit outdated and could use some renovations, so those expecting a 5-star room tend to be disappointed.


Location is mentioned as very good, especially for those interested in seclusion, and the small size of the resort is generally felt to be quite a positive as well. The staff is also given high points with guests detailing their pose, professionalism and ability to always help.