we first had the idea to create a worldwide directory of every overwater resort in the world, we honestly assumed there were about 20 or maybe 30 of these places. It turned out we underestimated by quite a bit, and since new ones keep opening up, the number keeps getting higher and higher.

A couple months ago I wrote a post called where are overwater bungalows, which lists all the major spots in the world where you can find these things. However, continued research means that I've uncovered quite a few more places, so that original post will be updated very soon.

One small problem persists though, in that in some cases it's difficult to classify whether a place has real overwater bungalows or not. There are a few places with entrances on the shore but most of the room is over the water, and there are also places that have up to 6 rooms per structure, so they probably don't qualify as “bungalows” or “villas.”

Still, I thought people might be interested in exactly how many resorts and rooms are out there, so below are some facts I've collected. There might be a few more resorts that I've yet to uncover, but for the most part this list is nearly 100% accurate.

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Countries with overwater bungalow/water villa resorts



75 resorts – 3005 overwater rooms


Bora Bora


11 resorts – 652 overwater rooms
(note: 1 resort is closed until 2012 for refurbishment)




5 resorts – 179 overwater rooms




2 resorts – 44 overwater rooms


Elsewhere in the South Pacific


12 resorts – 136 overwater rooms
(includes Cook Islands, Fiji, New Caledonia, Samoa, Huahine, Tikehau, Vanuatu, Tahaa)




5 resorts – 527 overwater rooms




5 resorts – 56 overwater rooms (many not technically bungalows)




3 resorts – 73 overwater rooms




3 resorts – 30 overwater rooms




3 resorts – 21 overwater rooms




2 resorts – 7 overwater rooms




1 resort – 24 overwater rooms




1 resort – 14 overwater rooms




1 resort – 13 overwater rooms (not all technically bungalows)




1 resort – 13 overwater rooms (closed until 2012)




1 resort – 11 overwater rooms


World total: 113 resorts

Total overwater bungalow rooms in the world as of February, 2012: 4965

Resorts with most overwater bungalows

#1 – Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa – Malaysia: 392 overwater bungalows

#2 – Meeru Island Resort – Maldives: 106 water villas

#3 – Four Seasons Bora Bora – 100 overwater bungalows

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  1. I would to book for family rooms for 2 on the water from Jan 8th to 10th. I hope to get the complimentary breakfast as this is my first time.

    1. Abd,

      We are simply an online guide to overwater resorts and we don’t do bookings. We do have booking links for every resort on the site, so booking online is usually your best bet. Best of luck with this. -Roger