Permanently closed as of late 2019.

As part of the famous Pearl Resorts chain that has locations throughout the South Pacific, the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort lives up to the high standards. This is considered a 3.5-star resort, with reasonable prices to match, and its most unusual feature is the extremely secluded location in the Manihi Atoll group of island, which are best known for pearl farming.

With only 40 bungalows total, including 21 beach and garden bungalows, the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort definitely has a small and welcoming feeling compared to the large overwater resorts of Bora Bora. Popular with the honeymoon and anniversary crowd, the hotel also has family and children's activities and programs available, making it a good all-around choice for those wanting to experience an overwater bungalow in the moderate price category.

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Reviews for the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort are quite positive, more so than is typical in this lower price range of overwater bungalow resorts. Many reviewers mention that the small size of the hotel is a major plus and that helps it feel more private, intimate, and authentically Polynesian.


Some previous guests complain that the variety of food available is limited, which is only a problem since there are few nearby options, but most quite like the food and service. As long as guests are aware that this is a secluded resort in a lightly populated part of French Polynesia, they seem quite happy with what’s on offer, making this resort an unusually good value for the price.