Editor’s Choice – 6 Best Honeymoon Water Villa Resorts in The Maldives

65498_15111915570037872544Water villas and honeymoons go perfectly together, and many couples dream of staying in one during their unforgettable trip of a lifetime. The Maldives has over 75 different private-island resorts that feature water villas and overwater bungalows, so choosing the perfect one can take a lot of work and a lot of time, to say the least.

Since we have researched and reviewed all of them, we've decided to help honeymoon couples out by selecting the finest romantic resorts in the Maldives on the list below. Honestly, every water villa resort in the Maldives gets honeymoon couples, and all of them have a lot to offer, but the ones below all offer the best combination of quality, great reviews, and value for money.

Most honeymoon couples prefer to stay in a smaller resort that has few or even no kids facilities, and the all-inclusive meal plans seem less important for romantic trips as well. All the resorts below have luxurious water villas, excellent spas, room service, and many other amenities to make your honeymoon extra special.

6 Best Maldives Honeymoon Water-Villa Resorts

COMO Cocoa Island Resort

  • Water villas: 33
  • Total rooms/suites: 36

65498_15060814270028875850The highest rated Maldives resorts by guest reviews is also perfect for a honeymoon. It has 33 unique water villas – designed to resemble Maldivian fishing boats – and 3 additional island villas. There are no family facilities so this is very much of a romantic couples resort. Each suite comes with an entertainment centre, daily room service, a private sundeck and a split level bedroom. Little extras include bathroom amenities and a beach bag that includes sandals.

The spa here is excellent, as is the diving and snorkelling at the house reef. The main restaurant gets excellent reviews, as does the room service. While COMO Cocoa Island Resort is firmly in the 5-star price category during the high season, it actually has fantastic online special rates during the off-season (June through November) so it can be a bargain in addition to being one of the very best Maldives resorts, full stop.

  • Low season online specials from US$977 per night
  • High season online specials from US$1,251 per night

>>>More information about the COMO Cocoa Island Resort
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Baros Resort Maldives

  • Water villas: 30
  • Total rooms/suites: 75

41474_16032818170041126044Absolutely a 5-star luxury resort, Baros is extremely popular and extremely high rated by past guests. The 30 water villas here are all very large and well appointed, including a king-size 4-poster bed in each. There are also 45 island villas that are also quite luxurious. The water villas include a list of very nice amenities including a bathtub with an ocean view, air conditioning, a private wine cellar, a private bar and much, much more.

With 75 total rooms you wouldn't expect 4 different restaurants and 2 other bars, but Baros Resort is not like other Maldives hotels. There's also 24-hour room service, and of course a luxury spa. This resort also has a great number of water sports and other activities, especially considering its intimate size. If this one is in your price range there is no doubt you'll have an amazing time here.

  • Low season online specials from US$1,540 per night
  • High season online specials from US$1,826 per night

>>>More information about the Baros Resort Maldives
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Mirihi Island Resort

  • Water villas: 30
  • Total rooms/suites: 36

41484_15060917230029061330Perfect for those looking for a water villa honeymoon on a modest budget, the Mihiri Island Resort offers excellent value in addition to high quality and excellent service. This is a 4-star resort with only 30 water villas and 6 island villas, and almost nothing of interest to families and no nightlife to speak of, making it very much of a romantic couples resort, which is very fitting for a lot of visitors.

The water villas aren't huge, and they don't have TVs, but otherwise they are very nicely appointed, making them ideal for honeymooners. The spa features Adam and Eve treatments (couples massage followed by champagne on your private balcony), but there is also great diving and snorkelling here and other water sport options. Especially in the off-season, the Mihiri Island Resort is a fantastic bargain for a honeymoon resort.

  • Low season online specials from US$760 per night
  • High season online specials from US$1,398 per night

>>>More information about the Mirihi Island Resort
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Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

  • Water villas: 45
  • Total rooms/suites: 45

The Gili Lankanfushi Maldives (formerly known as Soneva Gili by Six Senses) is easily among the finest resorts in the Maldives, if not the world. It features 45 water villas that range in size from huge to ridiculous, the largest of which is by far the largest water villa in the world. Everything here is extremely well done, including the restaurants and the service.

It's important to note that the style here is meant to be “No news, no shoes,” meaning that it's casual, private, and remote. The 8 largest water villas (including the huge one) are all only reachable by boat, which might be one reason why this place is popular with the very rich and famous. Considering everything, it's amazing that rates are actually reasonably within the middle of the 5-star category.

  • Low season online specials from US$1,262 per night
  • High season online specials from US$1,956 per night

>>>More information about the Gili Lankanfushi Maldives
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Veligandu Island Resort

  • Water villas: 64
  • Total rooms/suites: 76

41486_14020513430018253807With 64 water villas, most of which have their own private Jacuzzi on their private deck, the Veligandu Resort is another excellent bargain for honeymoon couples without unlimited funds. The Jacuzzi villas are only a bit more expensive than the basic ones, and all of them include a full-board meal plan, making it an even better bargain than it seems.

This is a proper 4-star resort with all the amenities you could expect, at a very reasonable rate. There's a luxury spa focusing on both men and women, and very good diving and snorkelling, plus a surprising number of other daytime activities. You might find a few families here, but mostly it's a couples resort, and a very good one at that, where many guests return every year.

  • Low season online specials from US$703 per night
  • High season online specials from US$842 per night

>>>More information about the Veligandu Island Resort
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Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives

  • Water villas: 55
  • Total rooms/suites: 64

12169_14012919440018210375Part of the luxurious Taj hotel chain based in India, the Taj Exotica Resort is a solid 5-star private island featuring 55 water villas. For a modest upgrade, you can get a private plunge pool on the deck of your oversized villa, with all the 5-star amenities you could imagine just inside. Even without the upgrade, you'll find rooms with Wi-Fi, a mini bar, dry cleaning and air conditioning.

The service here is one of the many things that gets rave reviews from guests, and the overwater spa is said to be one of the finest in all of the Maldives. The location is also very convenient, being only a short speedboat ride from the Maldives International Airport, making it perfect for even shorter honeymoons. The online specials during the off-season put this into the bargain category, which is astounding considering all that is included here.

  • Low season online specials from US$986 per night
  • High season online specials from US$1,125 per night

>>>More information about the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives
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  • Greg Hayes says:

    Looking for a agent to plan a trip for 2 to an over water bungalo to get married. Can you help

    • Roger Wade says:


      At the moment I don’t have any offline travel agents to recommend, but that is something we are working on. Sorry. -Roger

  • dallas says:

    i can u help find for a honeymoon at best prices for 5 nights in march from 3 to 8 help me

  • Kashyap Prithani says:

    Can I get Villa for honeymoon at 300 $ per night for 6 night 7 days

  • Steve says:

    Thank you for this website. I’m looking for a watervilla bungalow for my honeymoon and my budget is very tight. It heels me a lot in my research.

    Take care

  • Samia Asaad says:

    kindly suggest me any one best and romantic resort for my honeymoon!
    i am pretty confused!

    • Roger Wade says:


      All of the resorts mentioned on the list above would be excellent romantic choices in the Maldives. And all of them get very good reviews from guests, so it’s a matter of looking for ones in your price range and then considering the features of each place. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time once you pick a resort and go. Best of luck. -Roger

  • Prateek says:

    Im planning for maldives trip in july along wid mah wife n lookin for a photographer n my budget for tht is tight. Dont wanna spend much over it . Can any1 help
    Me out
    [email protected]

  • aalmahdi says:

    I’m looking for a resort with privacy. I will be going this coming september 2015. Not looking for super luxuary but not very cheap too.

    • Roger Wade says:


      You’ll be happy to discover that pretty much all Maldives resorts specialize in privacy, especially on the water villas. The most common configuration is that each water villa is only within “view” of one other water villa, except that they have privacy screens that shield that view. In other words, the private deck of nearly every water villa can’t be seen from any other guests. The Maldives is one of the world’s honeymoon capitals so privacy is an important feature. So book the resort that seems best for your needs and it will feel very private. Bon voyage. -Roger

  • ahmad says:

    i am looking for 5-6 days in maldives. 3 days on over the water bunglow and 2-3 days beach room or villa for 2.. my dates are oct 9 2015- oct 17 2015

  • Dima says:

    I am planning for my honeymoon, I wonder about the weather conditions in Maldives in April 2016 ???
    I am looking for one 5 days stay in one of the resorts mentioned but with a 100 $ rate per night
    your help is appreciated

    • Roger Wade says:


      The weather in the Maldives in April is pretty much perfect. The wet season starts in May, but even then it’s only a small change from the dry season weather. In other words, the rain comes in short bursts that are often overnight, so even in the wet season it’s dry and mostly sunny pretty much every day.

      Unfortunately, none of these resorts have rooms at US$100 per night. Each resort is on a private island and they are all pretty upscale as well as remote, so the cheapest island rooms start closer to US$200 per night, and the water villas start at around US$350 per night. Best of luck with this. -Roger

  • Madav.M says:

    Hi Team,

    I am looking for my honeymoon trip from India to Maldives. Probably in the month of December (Early December). I prefer to go on an independent package for 4 nights 5 days or 5 nights 6 days. What would be the best suggestion? do not want to travel much from places to places. Looking for a decent and reasonable package.

    Please let me know the best deals, so that I can plan accordingly.


  • Adam says:

    Hi There, I am looking at going to the Maldives from Sydney via Singapore in March 5th – 12th 2016. We are after some nice accommodation that doesn’t break the bank balance and is over the water. Do you know what site is the best to book these?

    I have a good deal for the Sheraton, however have had mixed reviews, have you been there? What are your thoughts?

    The Taj Exotica is nearly double the price of the Sheraton?

    Also you haven’t reviewed the One and Only there? Is that nice?

    Thanks for your answers in advance.


    • Roger Wade says:


      The problem with reviewing these resorts in the Maldives is that there are over 80 of them and you generally have to go back to Male to get from one to another. So it’s difficult to get to many of them, which is why we try our best to combine our experience with the public information from the official websites and online reviews.

      By far the best site to book Maldives resorts is Agoda.com (part of the Priceline group) because they dominate the Asian market and offer the best rates on most properties. Another thing to consider is that these resorts tend to raise their rates for periods where they are already pretty full, so it’s really hard to compare prices. In other words, if one resort is already, say, 70% booked for your dates, they’ll move their rates way up for the remaining rooms. Meanwhile there might be an almost identical resort that is only 30% full for your dates, so they’ll offer a big discount. And if you compare rates for one month later, it might be reversed.

      So with that in mind, I recommend trying to stay flexible, and check for resorts that are offering promotional deals for your dates. As long as the review scores on Agoda are Very Good or Great, then look for the best deal. Out of the 80 or so water villa resorts in the Maldives, there are only about 5 of them that get mostly poor reviews. In other words, these resorts all have to offer a very good product in order to keep getting booked in the age of online reviews, so they all tend to be of high quality.

      I hope this helps, and best of luck with wherever you end up. -Roger

  • Will farmer says:

    Hi I’m looking to go on a honeymoon in the Maldives at about Feb 2017 and we want to go for 2 weeks with a budget of £2,000 (approx $3,750) per night and would love to stay in a luxury over water villa with pool thanks

  • Lena says:

    Me and my fiance are thinking about going to the maldives in july/august 2017 for our honeymoon. Do you think the weather is good at that time of the year?
    I also wounder when the water are that clearly blue, does it depend on the seasons? pictures shows diffrent. And my last question is when is it best time to book to get best rates do you think its good to book one year before or closer?

    • Roger Wade says:


      The weather in the Maldives is almost the same all year round. You do get a few rainy days in June and July, but it’s still sunny most of the time, and always warm. Many resorts are booked all year round, with slightly lower rates in June and July, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy that time of year there.

      The water is that clear all year round in the Maldives. Those atolls where the islands are located all have natural lagoons that always look that way. However, the conditions just below your villa can be different depending on the currents and tides. In high tides the water can move strongly on one side of the island, while in low tide the water isn’t deep enough to enjoy much of a swim. Generally speaking, you’ll have several great opportunities for swimming and snorkeling each day, but not all 24 hours.

      Usually you’ll get the best rates starting around 6 months out. The resorts tend to keep rates high 7 to 11 months in advance, and only start discounting when they look like they’ll have availability. Congrats and have a great trip. -Roger

  • Priyank says:

    Hello Roger,

    I am planning my honeymoon on 26th dec to 29th dec 2016. Is it going to be costly ? If i delay it by one month and make it 25th Jan to 28th Jan 2017, then can i get some cost advantage ?


    • Roger Wade says:


      Yes, unfortunately that last week of the year is the peak season in the Maldives with the highest rates. You will definitely get better rates and more choices at the end of January. Congrats and good luck. -Roger

  • Csyak says:

    Hello roger,
    I am planing to have honeymoon trip on 23 to 27 may 2017 at maldives.
    My flight reach male airport around 9pm, so i think i will just stay nearby the airport inn in 23 may. However, my wife and i will really like to experience a romantic yet affordable water villa from 24 to 27 may with a budget of $1000 (preferably full board including transfer from airport.)

    Please offer your expert opinion in order to make our dream come true. Thanks.

    • Roger Wade says:


      Yes, definitely stay near the airport that first night. I’m going to write an article in the next few days describing the best way to do that, so check the homepage for that.

      Unfortunately, you are going to have to up your budget or scale back to 2 nights in a water villa. The cheapest water villas in the Maldives start at around US$300 per night, and the cheapest all-inclusive water villas start at around US$400 per night. Fortunately, you are going in the slower season, so you could find rates at around that level. The other complication is that transfers from the Male Airport island start at about US$100 return per person.

      Here’s a list of the Maldives resorts that are closest to the airport. Some of these offer fairly affordable speedboat transfers. Nearly all of the other resorts require a sea-plane transfer, and those start at around US$300 per person, return. Good luck with this. -Roger

  • Mohit says:

    Hi Roger,

    Many thanks for the wonderful information. It definitely helped me to shortlist the good and affordable water villas for my honeymoon. One another thing which is on my checklist to select a resort is the types of water sports activities available. Can you confirm if all the resorts offer wide range of water sports or i will need to check with shortlisted specific resorts for the number of water sports activities they provide.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Roger Wade says:


      We list all of the activities on the resort page for each hotel on our site, so it should be quick to compare them and determine whether a resort is right for you. But in general, most of the resorts have similar water sports and activities. It’s really only the smallest islands that might not have the popular ones you are after. Congratulations and best of luck with this. -Roger

  • zannen says:

    am looking an overwater villa with a large deck, no view to others, good snorkeling from the beach (beautiful corals, turtles), quiet, good food, all inclusive plan – 40th wedding anniversary max budget 1500 euros per night

  • Kenneth says:

    Hello Roger !I was wondering what airlines fly to the Maldives from the USA? Will I have to fly via Europe or Asia to get to the Maldives? Thanks I will be planning a trip to the Maldives next year for 2017..Thanks for all your help…

    • Roger Wade says:


      From the US to the Maldives you’ll almost certainly end up changing planes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Qatar. On their long-haul flights, all of those airlines (Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar Airways) are very good and have usually the best fares. It’s a long flight, but the cabins are pretty good. I’d just look for the best fare and then check the airline on seatguru.com. Most likely it’ll be one of those, and they should be fine. Have a great trip. -Roger

  • Mayank says:

    ello Roger,
    I am planning my honeymoon in mid of Dec. Is it going to be costly ? can you please suggest the best deal for 4 nights and 5 days stay.


    • Roger Wade says:


      The overwater resorts in the Maldives start at around US$300 per night and go way up from there. Then you also have to factor in transportation from the Male Airport, which will run anywhere from US$100 to US$600 per person, depending on the location of the resort. If you like to drink, the all-inclusive resorts tend to be the best deals because alcohol is fairly expensive in the Maldives. I highly recommend Meeru Island, which has good value on Full Board deals as well as their All Inclusive Plus level. You might also consider Veligandu Island, which is run by the same company and also an excellent resort for good value.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

  • Archi says:

    Hello Roger,

    we are planning our honeymoon 10 nights from 17-27 November in Paradise island resort, as our budget is covering its all inclusive package.

    I need your suggestion about the resort and will 10 days be fine.

    as me and my wife are not interested in diving, snorkeling, boating etc.

    many thanks

    • Roger Wade says:


      I wish I could help, but I’ve not been to the Paradise Island Resort. But I can say that ten days is a long stay in general, and it might feel very long if you aren’t interested in the activities they provide. These are all private islands and there are no options other than the things listed for each resort. Best of luck with your trip. -Roger

  • Dhwani says:

    HI We are planning for honeymoon 3 or 4 nights in 1st week of December. Looking for water villa. Please suggest

    • Roger Wade says:


      This article is actually our suggestions for the best water villa resorts for honeymoons. It’s hard to be more specific because some resorts offer promotional deals if they aren’t too full, while others keep the same prices all the time. So what I recommend is to consider the resorts on the list above and then click on the booking link for the one you like best. You’ll see their rates, and then you can compare them to the rates for the other resorts listed on Agoda.com, which offers the best deals in the Maldives. Early December is not the peak season, so you should be able to get a pretty good deal at several different resorts. Most likely, a few resorts will be offering really good deals for your dates, while many others are almost full so they will show higher rates.

      Just about every water villa resort in the Maldives is excellent, and there are reviews from past guests for every resort, which you can trust. Best of luck with your search and your honeymoon. -Roger

  • Lily says:

    Hi Roger,
    Nice website you have, i am so much helped with your website. I am planning my honeymoon this november and still confused which resort to choose (oh yeahh), I am considering the following:
    1. Meeru
    2. Sun Siyam Fushi
    3. Veligandu
    4. Mirihi
    I have read your comments in one of the posts and you highly recommend the Meeru, but considering it is large and crowded will it be perfect for honeymoon? Kindly need your advise which one is better. We prefer water villa facing sunset.

    Thank you,

    • Roger Wade says:


      Meeru is large and it has more rooms than most resorts, but it’s not crowded at all. That part was very surprising during my stay there. There are enough bars and pools and beach chairs that the island feels half empty even when it’s full, which is their plan. Veligandu is run by the same very good company, and it is smaller and a bit more remote, so it might be a slightly better choice for a honeymoon.

      Sun Siyam Iru Fushi is closer in size to Meeru Island, except the island is quite a bit smaller. But it also gets great reviews and I hear great things, so I think it would be a good choice as well.

      Miriri Island is tiny, and one of the smallest resorts in the Maldives. The villas are quite small as well, but it is popular with romantic couples so if you don’t need a private Jacuzzi, it could be ideal.

      But again, the good news is that all of these places are built to feel private and mellow even when they are full. Best of luck with everything. -Roger

      • Lily says:

        what about the centara grand island? i’ve asked the agent there and she recommends me centara grand island better than sun siyam. Both are 5* resorts whereas veligandu and meeru are 4*

        Thank you

        • Roger Wade says:


          Yes, Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa is another great all-inclusive resort, and it’s usually quite a bit more expensive than Meeru and Veligandu. If it fits within your budget, I’m sure you’d be happy there. It gets great reviews from past guests. -Roger

  • Rosline says:

    Hi Roger,
    Read your article and all your replies. It is indeed very helpful to have so much information handy before making any bookings. Thank you once again for the plethora of information shared.

    I am planning our honeymoon in the mid of Jan 2017 and am pretty confused as to which island to choose. Can you suggest an adventure island which is also romantic and in budget? I am looking for adventure sports like scuba diving, sea diving etc which ever in available in Maldives. Also can you name a few resorts which we can look for.
    Thank you.

    • Roger Wade says:


      Sorry for the delayed reply. I had a few technical problems. Nearly all of the Maldives private-island overwater resorts offer scuba diving, snorkeling, and many other water sports and such. Generally speaking, the larger islands offer more options, but nearly all of them offer scuba diving, usually via a daily boat trip to a nearby reef. So really you should look for a water villa that is in your budget and is geared towards couples rather than families, and then check the activities lists.

      The couples-oriented ones that come to mind are Veligandu Island, which offers great value on all-inclusive plans. And also Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives Resort, which offers great value on very large water villas with just breakfast included in the rate.

      Those two resorts are notable for consistently offering very good room rates and being excellent quality with solid reviews. Many others will show higher room rates most of the time, and then promotional rates at slow times. So your best deal might be one of those, though it’s hard to know which one to recommend without plugging your exact dates into Agoda.com. Have a great trip. -Roger

  • Siddharth says:

    Hi Roger,
    Read your article and all your replies. It is indeed very helpful to have so much information handy before making any bookings. Thank you once again for the plethora of information shared.
    I am planning my honeymoon in the first week of Feb 2017 and want to make bookings for d same. Can you suggest an water villa in budget arnd $500-600 per night inclusive of all d activities. Also how much a water villa cost only for stay n eating arrangements and is it a good option to book water villa for all inclusive activities for a day or two n only stay arrangement for other 2 days considering a 4n/5d trip.

    Also can u suggest what would be must do activities in Maldives according to u n how much they would cost ?
    Thanks a lot in advance

    • Roger Wade says:


      I’ll try my best to help. To be honest, the “all-inclusive” option at these resorts is mainly to cover alcohol. Most of these resorts include most activities in the room price, except for things like scuba diving and motorized sports such as Jet Skis. In other words, non-motorized things like canoes and snorkeling and such are included in the room price. Even the “all-inclusive” places charge for Scuba diving and most boat excursions.

      If you like to drink alcohol then the all-inclusive option will usually be your best deal, but if you don’t drink (or don’t drink much) then a full-board plan is probably best, as those only include the room and all meals.

      Most visitors, especially honeymooners, go to the Maldives mainly to relax and spend time together. Most resorts have really nice pools and plenty of beach lounge chairs. Snorkeling is fun, although to see the best scenery you usually have to take the free, daily boat trips to the nearest reef. Many resorts offer dolphin-watching boat trips, as well as fishing trips and boat trips to nearby islands. With 4 days there I think you’ll be happy with most of the free activities and maybe one excursion.

      The all-inclusive or full-board resorts that offer the best value and that I highly recommend are Meeru Island and Veligandu Island, which are both run by the excellent Crown and Champa Resorts company, which runs several other high-end hotels there. Both of those offer huge Jacuzzi water villas in your price range including full board. Congratulations and have a great trip. -Roger

  • Swagata says:

    Hello Roger,

    Me and my husband were planning for our honeymoon during last weeks of June, mostly for 4D/5N. which Island you would suggest and how much cost it would go because i tried to google and estimate the amount that would go for the trip but couldn’t manage to get that.

    Would you be able to help me out.

    I would prefer the Water Villas mostly.


    • Roger Wade says:


      The article above contains my recommendations for the best resorts for honeymoons. Fortunately for you, June is the cheapest time of year in the Maldives. There can be a bit more rain in June, but still it will be mostly sunny and beautiful. Each island in the Maldives contains only one resort, by law, so it’s a matter of choosing a resort rather than choosing an island.

      That time of year you should be able to get a really nice water villa, perhaps even with a private Jacuzzi, starting around US$400 per night, although US$500 per night will get you a nicer place and far more choices. You also have to factor in the cost of transportation to the resort from Male Airport. The closer resorts offer a speedboat transfer for between $100 and $200 per person, return. The remaining resorts require a sea-plane ride, which will cost between US$300 and US$600 per person, return.

      The honeymoon resort that I often recommend because it’s run by an excellent company that offers great service at reasonable prices is Veligandu Island. The same company operates Meeru Island, which is another fine choice with slightly lower rates and it’s accessible by speed boat. Once you enter your dates on the Agoda website, which has the best rates in the Maldives, you’ll find that there are other resorts offering promotional prices for that time period. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits you well. -Roger

  • Sisi says:

    Hi Roger,
    Thanks for the review. I am bit confused to select water villa. Could you please help to find as per following – budget 800$ per night. All inclusive food n alcohol. Sunset water villa with open pool/ jacuzzi. Speed boat preferred to save time as I will stay only 4nights. Arrival around 8pm Male in last week on Jan. Thank you for your assistance.

    • Roger Wade says:


      At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Meeru Island should be perfect for you. They offer Jacuzzi Water Villas with the All Inclusive Plus plan that should be in your price range if they aren’t yet sold out. You can read my long Meeru Island review with photos and videos.

      The only other one that might work is Cinnamon Dhonveli, although it looks like they don’t offer all-inclusive, although you do get breakfast, dinner, and a welcome drink in the rate. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

      • Sisi says:

        Thank you once again Roger. The list of resorts so long that by the time I short list few I get confused again. Let me put priority so that you can help me to select the best. 1. Sunset water villa
        2.at least food inclusive. (Beverages I don’t mind buying).
        3. Pool/jacuzzi. Budget 1k$ per night Lil more also OK.
        4. Close to Male airport so that I can save traveling/waiting time.
        5. Resort with less crowd.

        P.S. its a honeymoon trip. Hope my pointers will make it easy for you to advise.

        • Roger Wade says:


          Sorry, but somehow I missed this question. I think you should choose among our list of water villa resorts near Male Airport. If that is one of your main criteria then you have only about 20 resorts from which to choose. Fortunately, many of the best ones are within speedboat range of the airport, so I think you’ll find something you like. -Roger

  • Bilal says:


    I want to spend 1 week honeymoon in mid of August 2017 in the Maldives. My budget is small. What islands are considered romantic and have a lot of water games, massage, etc. with low prices (2 persons for 6 nights) ??

  • Kumar Gaurav says:

    Hi Roger , I am planning to visit Maldives in April’17
    Just like to know how will the weather at that period ?
    Is there monsoon?
    Awaiting for your reply .
    Thanks and a very Happy new year

    • Roger Wade says:


      Monsoons are extremely rare in the Maldives, even though the country has islands that are thousands of kilometers apart. The rainiest month is June, and in that month you can get a few days where it rains most of the day. The rest of the year you usually only get cloudbursts that last 20 minutes, and often leave behind a gorgeous sunset. Or sometimes there is a bit of rain overnight. April is a really nice month so you should be fine. -Roger

  • Jessica says:

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks for all of the info and the website. I’m wondering if any of the budget/mid-range hotels have overwater bungalows that are particularly far apart from each other (I know Lankanfushi does, as do some of the others if you can afford their ‘presidential’ or top priced villa, but those are juuust a bit out of my price range).

    I’m also looking at the South Pacific and Asia, so if one comes to mind in those locations, I’m all ears!

    Thanks very much for the help.

    • Roger Wade says:


      Sorry for the delayed response. I was on a road trip. I’m not aware of any of the less expensive resorts that has water villas that are spread far apart. In fact, I’d wager that they’d be closer together at most of the more affordable ones. If privacy is your main concern then you might still be okay. Nearly all of these places are designed such that the water villas have a privacy wall on at least one side. As a result, you really have to go out of your way to see the deck of another villa. And some of them have a completely enclosed deck attached to the bathroom, which is 100% private except for aircraft.

      The places in Bora Bora and Moorea tend to be the same design. Only a few of the Maldives resorts have those villas that are far from the others, and those are the most expensive rooms, as you’d guess. Sorry that it’s not better news. -Roger

  • Zyad says:

    Hi Roger,

    I plan to go to Maldives for my honeymoon on this coming end of August. How the weather will be on that period?
    I want to choose Chaaya [email protected] Dhonveli (I think they are the same), do you think it’s a good choice for honeymooner?
    Do you know any good spot for fishing nearby the resort?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Roger Wade says:


      Cinnamon Dhonveli Resort was formerly known as Chaaya Island Dhonveli Resort, so it is indeed the same place. I think it would be a very good choice for a honeymoon, as the Cinnamon resorts are all quite good and offer very good value. There is no Kids Club, so it’s mostly romantic couples.

      I’m not sure about public fishing spots, but they do offer daily fishing excursions from the resort. There will definitely be fish swimming around the lagoon beneath the water villas, but I’m not sure if they allow fishing from the villas and piers. Best of luck with this. -Roger

  • leo says:

    great article but so confusing as there are so many option..
    can you suggest me lagoon villa with pool with privacy all inclusive around $1000 dollar a night…i am planing to visit soon

    • Roger Wade says:


      In my opinion the best-value all-inclusive resorts are Meeru Island and Veligandu Island, both of which have large water villas with private Jacuzzis.

      The best all-inclusive with private pools is Lily Beach Resort. If you are going in one of the slower months soon (May through July) you might be able to get it under US$1,000 per night. Have a great trip. -Roger

  • Dave says:

    Hello Roger,

    I’m looking in to a honeymoon mid-December (maybe 5-6 nights) in Maldives and the budget would be up to around $700-800 per night.
    A few questions if you don’t mind:

    – what is the weather like at this time?
    – in this budget, do you think I’ll find an over-water villa with private pool also?
    – transfer costs to/from Male seem to be extremely high, often $250pp each way. Are there any resorts slightly closer to Velana airport which might be a little cheaper for transfer? Also if you can suggest what is really the most efficient method (Helicopter just seems excessive!)

    Thank you,

    • Roger Wade says:


      The weather is almost the same in the Maldives year round, and December is one of the nicer months. However, the Maldives islands run from near the equator almost to Sri Lanka, so there is a bit of a difference from one to another. Still, you can count on sunny most of the day and if you get some rain it will be quick.

      Late December is the most expensive time of year in the Maldives, but mid December should be reasonable. Most of the resorts with pool villas are over US$1,000 per night, but the Irufushi Beach and Spa Resort usually has pool water villas in your price range, and it’s an excellent resort. It requires a sea-plane transfer, but hopefully you can still afford it. The sea-plane rides are honestly one of the huge highlights of any Maldives visit, so at least it’s not like paying that much for a normal flight with no scenery.

      Really, each resort has set up their own transportation from the main airport, so you choices are speedboat, sea-plane, or in some cases both. The speedboat rides are fun, but kind of loud and you don’t see as much, of course. The sea-plane ride could be viewed as a tour of the beautiful Maldives from the air, which it is. If you prefer a speed-boat we have a list of water villa resorts close to the airport. Congrats and bon voyage. -Roger

  • Tanya says:

    Hi Roger,

    I am aware that Meeru island is great for value so is Cinamon Donvelli Island which one would you say is better value and more romantic? Please see below:

    I am looking for Over water Bungalow, Jacuzzi, Spa, Water games and nice restaurant’s with more choices.

    • Roger Wade says:


      Sorry, but I wasn’t able to make it to Cinnamon Donvelli on my most recent trip, but it’s on my list for next time. Generally Meeru Island is the best value because you can get a huge Jacuzzi water villa for about the same price as smaller water villas without Jacuzzis at most other places. I wouldn’t say that Meeru is the most romantic resort I’ve stayed at, although it is very popular for honeymoon couples for sure. Mostly Meeru is best described as quiet and very classy. It’s also very casual, which is typical of many high-end Maldives resorts. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. -Roger

  • Vinit says:

    I m planning to visit Maldives this Nov for honeymoon and after searching a lot we have sortlisted centara Ras fushi (2 night delux spa over water villa+ 2 ocean front beach villa) and olhuveli (2 night delux room +2 night jacuzzi water villa) both in all inclusive plans.
    Please suggest which one will be better for this…

    • Roger Wade says:


      I haven’t been to either of those so I won’t be of much help, but I have been studying these for many years and Centara Ras Fushi has always had very good reviews, while Olhuveli has been in a lower category with guest reviews. If they are similar in price I’d go with Centara Ras Fushi, but honestly both of them are very nice. There are about 80 Maldives resorts with water villas and only about 4 or 5 of them seem to really struggle with quality, and I never recommend those. In other words, as hard as it is to believe, the Maldives resorts tend to be very good, great, or excellent, and over 90% of guests seem to be happy with their choice. Have a great trip and congrats. -Roger

  • ASHISH says:


    I m planning honeymoon in Feb 13th to Feb 18th. Any suggestion for Waterville with pool/jacuzzi ?
    Budget around USD 2000.

    Ashish Jadhav

    • Roger Wade says:


      If your budget is US$2,000 for 5 nights and airport transfers (those run about US$100 to US$500 per person), your budget would have to be around US$350 per night. That is just enough to afford one of the more affordable water villas in the Maldives, but it won’t have a Jacuzzi or private pool for that amount. You need to spend around US$500 per night for the cheapest Jacuzzi water villas at Meeru Island, which are also all-inclusive. Including taxes you could probably afford 3 nights there.

      As long as you don’t have to be able to swim beneath your water villa, you could afford a large and posh water villa with a private splash pool on the deck at the Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson just south of Kuala Lumpur in Malayasia. The flights into KL will also be much cheaper than into the Maldives and you can take a shuttle from the airport directly to the resort. Those new water villas start at under US$200 per night. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

  • Nikhil says:

    Hi Roger,

    I am planning honeymoon trip and considers Med Kani Ocean Villa Resort in mid of Dec. Any TIPS for me there?? Also Please suggest, any other resorts?

    • Roger Wade says:


      Sorry, but I won’t be of much help. I’ve never stayed at a Club Med, much less the one in the Maldives. I hear that they provide an excellent and consistent experience so I expect that you’ll be happy there. They aren’t among the cheaper all-inclusive resorts, though I know they have many happy customers around the world. Have a great trip. -Roger

  • Adarsh says:

    Hi Roger,

    I am planning for 4N/5D trip to male during end Jan 2018, what would be best water resort with decent price .
    Apart from stay and what are all water sports activity available and approximate price for it.

    • Roger Wade says:


      That is a very difficult question to answer. The resorts mentioned in the article above are the ones with the best and most consistent guest reviews, so I could start with those. Most offer the same water sports and activities, and all of them are listed on the page for each resort. Non-motorized water sports (canoeing, snorkeling etc) are usually included in the room rate, while scuba diving and things like Jet Skis are an extra charge. -Roger

  • Adarsh says:

    thank you for the details.
    what would be approximate cost for scuba diving and jet skis for couples . -ararsh

  • chandru says:

    we are palnning to come maldive in 2nd weeks oj july for honeymoon so would suggest some nice watervilla and how is climate and should be in your budget may be for 3 to 4 days.
    budget INR1.5 lac

    • Roger Wade says:


      July can get a bit more rain than some other months, but still usually the storms only last 30 minutes or so and they are sometimes overnight. Aside from that the Maldives climate is pretty much the same all year round, with hot days and warm nights since it’s not far north of the equator. Your budget of 1.5 Lac should be enough for a pretty nice place, especially since July is part of the slow season.

      If you want a full-board or all-inclusive water villa resort I think the best value is Meeru Island. I would check the rates there, and sometimes during the slower months they give free upgrades from full board to all-inclusive with the Jacuzzi water villas.

      Aside from that place I would just check the different promotions on agoda.com, which has the best rates for nearly all Maldives resorts. Meeru Island has low rates all year round so they stay full, but other resorts keep higher prices and then offer promotions for some slow periods. Because of that it’s hard for me to recommend other resorts without knowing what offers they are making. More good news is that almost every Maldives resort is REALLY nice, so as long as it has a reasonable price and the features you are looking for, you should be happy. Have a great honeymoon. -Roger

  • Preeti Sharma says:

    Hi We are planning for honeymoon 7 nights in 2st week of October. Looking for water villa. Please suggest and I am a Indian, so please tell me lowest price in the Indian currency.

    • Roger Wade says:


      The best way to get the cheapest rates in your currency is to go to Agoda.com and enter your travel dates. It should show you all of the rates in rupees. Depending on your travel dates, one resort can be cheaper than the others if they are running a promotion. Resorts tend to lower rates if they have too many available water villas, so it can be different depending on when you are going. Best of luck on this. -Roger

  • Michelle says:


    My husband and I are planning our anniversary trip to the Maldives. We are planning on staying 5 nights. What do you suggest for activities? Also, are there shops and any local goods the Maldives are known for?

    • Roger Wade says:


      All of the nicer resorts in the Maldives are on their own private islands, by law. So the only shopping you get will be the gift shops at the resorts. You can also book an “island hopping” boat trip that takes you to a few other nearby islands, and in those places you’ll encounter some little souvenir shops. I wouldn’t recommend shopping in Male because it’s not really very touristy so it is mostly just local goods for daily life.

      As for activities, each resort has a long list of things and most of them are included in the room price. Snorkeling is popular and most resorts have a free boat trip once or twice a day to a nearby reef. Larger resorts have more choices, and most people just go to the Maldives to relax on a beach or in their water villa. -Roger

  • Julie says:

    Hiya , looking for best deal for over the water bungalows. Unsure which island is best, for a couple end July to end August no date decided. For 7 days ideally all inclusive. Thanks

  • aggarwal says:

    We are planning 4 nights in Maldives in October and would like to experience both the tree house villas and water villas. What are your recommendations. Thanks

    • Roger Wade says:


      I’m only aware of treehouse villas at the Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, so that one is the obvious choice. The sea-plane transfer for that resort is US$500 per person, so I would also stay at a water villa there or you’d have to pay a lot to go back to the Male Airport and then another sea-plane to another resort. -Roger

  • Rishh says:

    Hi Roger,
    firstly,I appreciate your gesture. I think this website is very helpful to those who have never been to the island before. I will be honeymooner going to visit island in first week of November for 4-5 days.I understand that full board/all-inclusive will be the the best bet for money.I am looking for a more private and quieter experience as both me and my fiancee loves calmness. Can you suggest a good Resort with Jacuzzi/in house pool. Considering the premium charge, I think all hotels should be top notch in service and food quality?Also we intend to split our stay as 2 days on beach villa and 2 days on water villas.Please suggest what best options we have and what is the best time to book to avail the early bird discounts.Lastly, I am curious about the fact that most properties with less on land stays give free updates to water villas??:P whats the luck that we could get that;p.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Roger Wade says:


      One thing you are definitely right about is that pretty much every Maldives water villa resort provides an excellent product and wonderful service. In a normal resort city there are great hotels and run-down hotels nearby, but I think because building and getting to these resorts is so expensive that it’s impossible to make money running one of these hotels if it gets mostly bad reviews. Since every resort is on its own private island and you have to arrange for transportation (speedboat or sea-plane) in advance, almost no one comes to the Maldives without a reservation, so bad places just don’t get booked.

      Among the all-inclusive resorts the ones I recommend for best value are Meeru Island and its sister resort Veligandu Island. Meeru Island is one of the largest islands, but it’s so spread out that it feels very calm and uncrowded even when it’s totally full. Veligandu is smaller and maybe a better choice for honeymooners, but usually a bit more expensive. Both of those resorts keep their room rates fairly low so they are usually filled with repeat guests all year round. Many other resorts charge much more for something similar, and then they start offering promotional discounts if they have too many vacancies about two or three months out.

      Have a look at those two resorts and check their rates. And then compare those to rates at other similar places. You might just find a promotional rate at a place that has many open rooms so you get an even better deal. Those two resorts offer very good value all year round though, so if they have availability they would be a good choice.

      I think the idea of booking two days in an island villa and two days in a water villa is a good move. I’ve seen many reviews where people who did that were upgraded to a water villa for extra days or their whole stay, but I think it’s mostly luck. Meeru Island, for example, has a large number of island villas compared to other places, but still I think they would upgrade people who are already booked in a water villa later in their stay before they would upgrade guests who never planned on staying in one. So I think your chances are decent, but it’s mostly luck. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

  • NM says:

    Hey Roger,

    Firstly, thanks for the great guidance you are giving here! I am planning my honeymoon for 4N5D to Maldives & I have booked the Adaaran Prestige Sunset Ocean Villa all-inclusive. Please advise if it is a wise choice?? How would you rate the snorkeling experience near the Ocean Villas??
    Kindly also advise any other details you have for the Resort.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Roger Wade says:


      I haven’t been to that resort, but I’ve been hearing good things about it for years. Adaaran has a very good reputation and I think the positive reviews are probably correct in general. I’ve also seen that they are offering pretty good rates at that resort so I think it could be a great choice for you. Sorry I can’t help more. -Roger

  • Aparna says:


    I am planning to visit maldives in January. I would like to know the best place to visit maldives for honeymoon. Please suggest the best resort & place where we can enjoy water sports.

    • Roger Wade says:


      Most of these Maldives resorts are popular with honeymooners and January is a great month for weather. Nearly all resorts also offer similar water sports options, with the non-motorized ones usually included in the room rate. The list above are the ones we think are best suited to honeymooners for the reasons we have included. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

  • Rahul says:


    I am planning to visit Maldives in the first week of February. I would like to know the best places to visit in Maldives and things to do in Maldives for 3 days. We will be staying in Hulhulmale Island.

    • Roger Wade says:


      The Maldives is a very unusual destination in that nearly all visitors fly in and then head to one of the private-island resorts where they have beaches and water sports and such. If you are on Hulhumale Island it’s pretty quiet there, aside from a few nice stretches of beaches. You can obviously take a ferry or taxi (now that the new bridge is open) over to Male, although it’s a very crowded city with very few notable sights. The Maldives is mostly about relaxing in the sun, and you can do that on Hulhumale Island. You can also take the public ferries from the terminal on the west side of the island to several other islands that are populated. One thing you won’t find is alcohol, unless you are staying on one of the private islands. I’m not sure if this helps. -Roger

  • Randy Chancey says:

    Looking for a honeymoon resort with the following:

    1) secluded bungalow
    2) butler if possible
    3) food and beverage package or all inclusive
    4) 7 nights
    5) private slide would be nice

    • Roger Wade says:


      The only Maldives resort I know that has all of that is the Gili Lankanfushi, and unfortunately they just had a fire that burned several of their water villas and they are currently closed until further notice. I suspect they’ll be open again in a few months, but they haven’t put out a date yet. The water villa that has a slide into the water there also goes for about US$15,000 per night.

      If you want the best all-inclusive water villa resort in the Maldives I’d look at the Lily Beach Resort. They have 4 Sunset Water Suites that include butler service and are each 1,959 square feet. The service at that place is excellent based on its reputation and most people agree that it’s the finest of the all-inclusives.

      Quite a few other Maldives resorts have butler service, but the other super-luxury places tend to only come with breakfast and then everything else is a la carte. You’ll find many of those on our list of super luxury Maldives water villa resorts. Let me know if you have any other questions. -Roger

  • Kevin says:

    Looking for a water villa + pool for 3 or 4 nights.
    Price- around 700 USD

    • Roger Wade says:


      I’m aware of several Maldives resorts that offer water villas with a totally private Jacuzzi for that price, but I don’t know of any that have private pools for under about US$1,000 per night. If a Jacuzzi is enough (they are the kind where two people sit next to each other in opposite directions), then try Meeru Island, where you get full board and probably all-inclusive for that price.

      If you really prefer a pool you have some choices for under your price in Malaysia. Check this list of water villa resorts in Asia and look for the ones in Port Dickson in Malaysia. The Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson Resort has a plunge pool on the front deck of each of its 522 water villas. And the Grand Lexis Port Dickson has a small swimming pool in the middle of most of its water villas where it’s 100% private. -Roger

  • Jay says:

    Hi, really useful website but so many options. I am looking for 7nights honeymoon in Maldives at the end of Feb 2020 in a water bungalow over the sea. Ideally with a small jacuzzi or private pool, at least 3 good restaurants, a few activities, all inclusive food and drink – for approx USD800 per night. Thanks

    • Roger Wade says:


      The challenge is that nearly all of the all-inclusive resorts have a buffet restaurant and usually one other. Meeru Island has quite a few restaurants and Jacuzzi Water Villas that are in your price range.

      Their sister resort, Veligandu Island, is smaller and probably better for honeymoons. They’ve also got Jacuzzi water villas in your price range, but only two restaurants plus dining on the beach. I’d look at Veligandu if they have something in your range. -Roger

  • Houssam says:

    Hi Roger! We are planning for honeymoon 7 nights in August 2019!
    What is the best website to book and when is the best time to have a reasonable price for a water Villa? What are the average cost per night per person?
    What does it mean all inclusive booking?
    Please suggest some resorts for budget 300 Euro per night
    thanks in advance

    • Roger Wade says:


      Unfortunately, a budget of €300 per night per couple is right around the bottom end of the range. You’ll be best off having a look at the list of the cheapest water villa resorts in the world from our sister site. There are 26 resorts listed and more than half are in the Maldives, so you can compare them from cheapest on up the price range.

      Agoda.com has the best rates on almost all of these resorts, and usually the best rates for most hotels throughout Asia.

      Most Maldives resorts include breakfast for two with the room rate, and you have to pay for lunch, dinner, and drinks. Some resorts offer “full board” which means 3 meals a day included in the room rate. All-inclusive means 3 meals a day plus unlimited alcoholic drinks (although not premium brands at most places). Needless to say, all-inclusive costs more, but it’s often the best value, especially if you like more than 2 or 3 alcoholic drinks per day. -Roger

  • Andrew says:

    Hi Roger,

    Can you please give some insights about Medhufushi Island. I am planning honeymoon trip in jan and considering 3 nights Beach villa and 1 night water villa. Is there any better option to consider?

    • Roger Wade says:


      Unfortunately I’ve yet to make it to Medhufushi Island. It’s got a good reputation and I see that the recent reviews are very strong, so I think it could be a good choice as long as you are getting a good rate. In my experience, the reviews on Agoda.com and TripAdvisor tend to be very reliable for Maldives resorts. It can be hard to believe because almost all resorts get glowing reviews from almost all guests, but in my experience these Maldives resorts almost all live up to the hype. It seems that competing on quality and reputation is the business strategy that works best there. A few resorts get average and lower reviews very often, and I don’t even include those resorts on this website. Sorry I couldn’t help more but I imagine you’d be quite happy there. -Roger

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