A rather small 4-star resort featuring a total of just 16 rooms, the Aga Reef Resort in Samoa is ideal for visitors seeking a tropical stay alongside luxury amenities. Here you'll also find lots of great activities to join in on, both within the resort and nearby. Snorkeling can be done right on-site while hiking, waterfall viewing and various local attractions are relatively close by.

When researching this resort, one of the first things that you may notice are that the overwater rooms are not completely over the water and are instead perched on land with the back terrace situated over the lagoon. Though these rooms are not the same as those you would find in the Maldives, they still offer great views of the ocean and island from your private deck. In addition, because this resort is located a good distance away from the airport, you'll find that it serves as a great location for a romantic vacation.

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ABOUT THE Aga Reef Resort – Samoa


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Even though the resort itself is small, the reviews thus far are very large with lots of praise spread throughout almost every single one. No matter the room that was chosen, most guests feel that the resort does a great job of attending to their needs, even with very short notice. Attention to detail is said to be everywhere and greatly appreciated. Those who have stayed in the island villas state that they were able to wake up to a beautiful view each and every morning. They also state that there are plenty of fish to see, which added to the wow factor.


With that said, the continental buffet breakfast is said to be lacking by a few, but most guests think that it is good enough. The free use of the resort’s snorkeling equipment is also a big hit with guests.