With unbeatable views across the entire island, the Kuda-Funafaru Maldives Resort is perfect for couples and honeymoonwers who are looking to stay at a modern private-island resort in the Maldives. Featuring 30 overwater villas in addition to 20 beach villas, all of which are enormous, this is a premiere 5-star resort that has become very popular in its short life. Each villa is also spaced at least 10 meters from each other villa, so privacy and romance are assured, making this ideal for a honeymoon or even a wedding holiday.

While there is not a long list of activities like you might see at some of the larger resort islands, there are plenty of options to keep anyone busy, and there are even 5 restaurants, cafes, and bars on the island, which is a huge number for only 50 total rooms. Those looking for a private and intimate private-island resort in the Maldives will find this among the better and more reliable choices.

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The Kuda-Funafaru Maldives Resort has amassed a string of almost universally glowing reviews in the short time it’s been open. Guests are especially impressed by the size of the water villas, which are indeed among the largest in the Maldives, as well as the great distance between each one. The configuration of the resort and its premium on solitude and privacy make it one of the best honeymoon options for those who can afford it.


The food also receives glowing reviews, which is not typical of private-island resorts of this size. Even the 50-minute seaplane ride and the reception on both ends gets high marks, so it seems the Kuda-Funafaru Maldives pays extraordinary attention to detail.

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