Formerly known as the Laguna Beach Resort, the Velassaru Maldives Resort has 129 bungalows, rooms, and villas, 45 of which are on stilts over either the lagoon or the ocean. This is a solid 5-star resort on a relatively small private island, which is conveniently located close to the capital city for fast transfers.

The prices are rather reasonable by Maldives standards, so it's a good choice for those looking for a small island in a moderate price range. There are four restaurants and a wide range of water sports and activities available, though not much in the way of family fun, so this is probably a better choice for couples. It's worth noting that guest reviews for the water villas tend to be fabulous and consistent, which isn't always true of the island bungalows.

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Reviews for the Velassaru Maldives Resort are mostly very positive, with nearly everyone enjoying the food and the spa in particular. As one of the more reasonably priced Maldives private-island resorts, it’s fairly popular, though some reviewers point out that the location is a bit too close to the capital city so it’s not quite as secluded as they might like.


Those who stayed in the water villas and bungalows seemed to really love the rooms, but those who stayed in the beach villas were less enthusiastic. This is a small island with fewer dining options than most resorts, but overall it gets high marks and should be a good choice for couples on a honeymoon or anniversary trip who don’t have unlimited funds.

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