Just off of the island of Bora Bora, situated over a lagoon, are five overwater bungalows. Out of these five, four bungalows are available for bookings. All together, they are known as the Brando Overwater Villas. Individually they are known as Brando's Overwater Bungalow, Marlon's Over Water Hideaway, The Black Pearl and Dream Holiday Bungalow. Currently, the first three are all owned by Richard and Seiko Holland, though they are said to have been previously owned by Marlon Brando. The Dream Holiday Bungalow is currently owned by Francoise and Richard, another couple.

Though the four bungalows are very similar to each other, The Black Pearl is easily the most luxurious, which is reflected in the price. With that said, all four of the suites are offered at a budget rate, making each of them accessible for those with smaller wallets. Though the prices themselves may be appetizing, the fact that each welcomes children has helped to make them even more popular. Because these bungalows are not part of a typical overwater resort, you will find that you'll need to rent a car in order to visit a spa, travel to tour offices and to shop for your groceries.

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ABOUT THE Brando Overwater Bungalows


4 Overwater bungalows, each listed separately below

1 – Brando's Overwater Bungalow

2 – Marlon's Over Water Hideaway

Restaurants and bars

Resort features


3 – The Black Pearl

4 – Dream Holiday Bungalow

Nearby activities

Getting there


Reviews for all four bungalows are quite good, with many reviewers citing how great the kitchens, views and bedrooms are. There are a few things you’ll want to note before booking, however. First, you’ll want to make sure to pick up shampoo and the like from the market as you won’t find them in your rooms. Also, because this isn’t a typical resort, you’ll want to rent a car so that you can travel to stores for food to cook in your kitchen. Though these situations aren’t really negative, they are things that some guests wish they had known prior to their arrival. Also, you’ll want to be aware that although the suites are nice, they’re not as nice as many of the other overwater bungalows on the island. The decor is noted as a bit lacking and is thought of as dated looking. These details don’t seem to bother guests much as the price is very reasonable.

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