When visiting the Le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa, you'll instantly notice how extremely proud the resort is of its Polynesian location, and turns that into a general “paradise” feeling that is impossible not to notice. However, the resort also takes its reputation as a 5-star property seriously, so guests can expect wonderful facilities and fine service each and every day of their stay.

This resort is located on a small islet that's just off Le Taha'a Island (near Bora Bora), and its small size and secluded location make it ideal for both honeymoons and other romantic escapes. There are restaurants and bars at the resort, and plenty of free activities and things to do nearby, but the main activity is relaxing and enjoying the world-class spa facilities.

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As the Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa is one of the premiere overwater resorts in the South Pacific, it’s no surprise that reviews are nearly all glowing. Most past guests are inspired by the excellent service in the rooms and at the restaurants.


The only complaints listed are that some bungalows don’t have many fish swimming beneath them, some (typical) problems with bugs during certain times of the day, and that the rooms here aren’t as huge as some of the other resorts. A few also state that they wished there was a store nearby so that they didn’t have to rely on the resort for every dining experience. Overall, this hotel gets very high marks all around.

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