Featuring a total of 5 overwater bungalows in addition to an overwater villa which is made up of 3 overwater bungalows that have been grouped together, and 7 land-based rooms, the Thatch Caye Resort is on a private island just off Belize's central coast. The 5 thatch roof bungalows are located over the water, positioned to take advantage of the sea breezes and views of nearby islands. Unlike a Bora Bora resort, you cannot swim directly off the patio as the bungalows are elevated 15 feet over the water’s edge. There are, however, two sandy beaches on either end of this private 1 mile long island.

This is an all-inclusive hotel where nearly all the activities are included with the room price as well. Rates are quite reasonable so it's excellent value for those looking for an eco-resort-type property rather than a luxurious chain hotel. Alcohol and a few activities cost extra.

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ABOUT THE Thatch Caye Resort – Belize



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3 Overwater Villa Cabanas (grouped together)

Special room features


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Reviews for the Thatch Caye Resort are generally excellent. This eco-resort gets a “paradise” rating from most, with both the setting and the staff receiving very high marks. The rooms are found to be more than adequate, but it’s the private-island feeling and the activities that seem to get most of the raves.


The rooms are fairly basic however, so it’s important to book knowing that this is not a deluxe 4-star resort. Thatch Caye seems to have done a good job in setting expectations, as very few guests complain about anything.