One of the more unusual overwater hotels, the Telunas Beach Rustic Resort is hidden away in a remote island in Indonesia, though it's close enough to Singapore to be quite popular with residents there. This is a simple but comfortable eco-resort, with no TVs, internet, or even hot water in most rooms, though the tropical temperatures and warm-water showers do mix well.

There are 3 stand-alone overwater bungalows that offer great value for those who don't need air conditioning or a private Jacuzzi. There are also 4 Deluxe Family Rooms sharing a structure, and a huge 3-bedroom Multi-Family Suite on its own. They even have 60 dorm beds, which are priced unusually high, but the long list of activities and great service should keep all visitors quite happy as long as their expectations are in line.

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The Telunas Beach Rustic Resort gets generally excellent reviews, with nearly all visitors praising the service and the setting. Since it seems to be clear to guests that this is something of a minimalist property, most feel it exceeds their expectations by quite a bit.


The fact that each visitor is assigned a host at the resort is a big plus, and the food in the restaurant gets very high marks as well. Satisfaction is continuously exceptional, so those who are looking for this sort of place should not be disappointed.