With only 12 overwater bungalows among 137 other rooms and suites, the recently renovated Tahiti la Ora Beach Resort managed by Sofitel has a very different feel compared to the specialty lagoon resorts in nearby Moorea or Bora Bora. The location of the overwater bungalows does make them very private and ideal for a honeymoon or other romantic getaway, and the hotel's location on the main island of Tahiti also provides for a huge list of nearby activities and options you won't get at one of the more secluded resorts.

The Tahiti la Ora Beach Resort managed by Sofitel overs good value for its overwater bungalows, with large and well appointed rooms that might cost nearly double at some of the 5-star resorts on Bora Bora. Also, being one of only two overwater bungalow resorts on the main island of Tahiti – along with the InterContinental Tahiti Resort – it's an ideal place to start a longer trip of the South Pacific since reaching the hotel doesn't require another flight and boat ride, which are easier to deal with once accustomed to the time zone and area.

The Tahiti la Ora Beach Resort is temporarily closed.

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Although the resort has just completed a major renovation in 2010, it still receives rather mixed reviews from past guests. The overwater bungalows in particular get high marks for their size and their luxury, but not having direct water access directly underneath is seen as a negative. There is however access to the lagoon via the end of the pontoon. Though the rooms are large in size, some feel that the furniture used is a little outdated, though not all guests feel this way so it many just be more personal preference.


Overall the resort is very large, and a bit dated, and many past guest do seem to recommend going to another resort, perhaps one of the more posh places on Moorea or on Bora Bora.