With over 200 guest rooms and suites, the InterContinental Tahiti Resort is the largest resort currently in Tahiti. The size of the resort is often seen as a plus, especially for groups or families, but it could be less desirable for honeymoon couples. The overwater bungalows here are on the large side, with many of them have amazing views of the nearby picturesque island of Moorea.

The location of the InterContinental Tahiti is also close to the airport which makes it very easy to reach, but not too close, unlike most other similar resorts where another flight and then a boat ride is often required. Some guests will choose to stay here for a few days at the beginning of a South Pacific tropical vacation, before moving on to another resort in Moorea or Bora Bora later on.

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As one of Tahiti’s oldest and largest resorts, reviews often point out that the facilities feel a bit aged compared to newer places, and that sometimes check-in and other services feel a bit slow. Generally guests are impressed, especially by the overwater bungalows themselves.


The large size of the resort is a negative to some guests, but a positive to others, since it allows so many recreational possibilities. Others praise the location close to the capital city of Pape’ete, which allows for quick and cheap visits to the local markets, nightlife, shopping, and restaurants. They also point out that even though the resort is close to the airport, there is still a strong sense of privacy throughout the resort, which is a big plus for many.

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