Just across the water from the Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach Resort, the Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island regained its status as a separate hotel in late 2012, although guests do get access to both. The Private Island resort has 20 overwater bungalows in addition to 10 island bungalows and one huge villa, and its secluded location on a small island off Bora Bora's southern tip makes it even more exclusive and romantic. In other words, this is a fine and popular choice for romantic couples, and probably not the best choice for a family trip.

This is among the earlier luxury resorts on Bora Bora. The location is also convenient to other shops and restaurants on Bora Bora, after the short and free boat ride to the main island. Being part of the French-run Sofitel chain, it's popular with French-speaking guests, but English is also spoken and understood so it's a fine choice for anyone.

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Reviews for the Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island Resort are extremely positive, with the vast majority of them offering a solid 5 stars. One interesting thing you see is that even the reviews that point out a problem with the resort usually still gave the full 5 stars. That is unusual and should be taken as a good sign. Also, many guests state how fantastic the location is with many raving about how they’re able to walk around and explore the island while staying at the resort.


The few complaints are that the food might not quite be up to the prices charged for it, although that may not take into account how expensive it is to get ingredients to these resorts, so they all seem expensive. A few other people say that the resort needs a facelift, which might be true because this is one of the original resorts on Bora Bora. Still, the reviews are almost all 5 stars even after pointing out these issues.

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