Set to open at the end of the 2018 year, the Hilton Curio Collection resort is currently under development in the beautiful Emboodhoo Lagoon in the Maldives. This resort will join the large collection of hotels and resorts already owned by the famed Hilton brand and is said to be very large itself, with a total of 198 guest rooms, beach villas, and overwater villas being built. In addition, you'll want to note that this property will be a part of a much larger property which is being titled the CROSSROADS project. This means that both the land based and overwater rooms will be just one part of a larger integrated resort, the first of its kind. This integrated resort is currently being detailed as a leisure and entertainment resort destination and will combine both relaxation with exciting everyday tropical island activities that will span a total of 9 small islands.

Though an exact opening date is not yet known, we will update with booking information once we are informed.

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Hilton overwater villas

At the moment, there isn’t much information regarding both the land based rooms and the overwater villas outside of a few design pictures. From a picture however, we can tell that the overwater villas will have some sort of outside private deck and that they will be evenly spaced from one another. It also appears that to reach the very first villa along the line, you’ll have to venture down a wooden boardwalk, which is typical of overwater resorts. Each and every overwater villa looks to have an uninterrupted lagoon view.


If you look at the picture at the very top of this news release, you’ll see what the overwater villas are stated to look like. It appears that there may be a few different overwater villa size options.

Resort features and amenities

As the resort is detailed to be on the large size, it can be easily expected to host a sizeable amount of features, amenities, and activity choices. As of now, we know the resort will grant guests access to a few different restaurants and bars, a beach club, various watersports, a cultural centre, a dive centre, a fitness centre, a few duty free shops, and an outdoor swimming pool. It also looks like the resort will be a family friendly resort with a kids club among the features list. Currently it is not known if any of the overwater villas will allow children to stay within. Adding to the long list of amenities is the inclusion of a 50 boat marina.


Conveniently, the resort will be just a 15 minute speedboat ride away from the Male International Airport. This is ideal for those who want to treat themselves to an Maldives tropical escape, but would rather skip the long transfers to and from the resort.

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    1. Lauren,

      Almost all overwater bungalows can accommodate 3 guests and some can accommodate 4. The only that can accommodate 6 are a few ultra expensive 2-bedroom suites, and those are all much more expensive than booking two separate bungalows, unfortunately. -Roger

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