Sharing a remote coral island with only one other hotel, the Pom Pom Island Resort offers 30 overwater bungalows in addition to beach villas and garden villas. This resort and the entire area seems to be focused on scuba diving, so it could be a great choice for those looking for a great diving holiday.

The water villas, as they are called here, stand over a hospitable part of the sea, which is ideal for snorkeling and swimming, so you can enter the water directly from the large rooms. There isn't a long list of extra activities available, but the main restaurant and lounge are popular places to spend time between diving or snorkeling trips.

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Reviews for the Pom Pom Island resort are generally very good, although not all of them. Most people describe the resort as heavenly and the diving as fantastic. The rooms are large and the food and service get high marks from most people, but there do seem to be a number of disgruntled guests who don’t feel the place offers good value. Some report that they had to pay separately for snorkel gear, which may or may not be a concern to you.


They have no TVs or Wi-Fi in the rooms, and people who know that going in do seem to be satisfied and complimentary.