With impressive views all around, from the lake to the mountains, the Panvaree Resort offers travelers overwater rooms with all the amenities you could need for a comfortable vacation wrapped up with a pretty bow. Though there are only 10 rooms to choose from, in varying sizes, each and every single room comes complete with basic amenities and a few extras, along with views of the nature outside. Some of these amenities include air conditioning, a refrigerator, private terrace, and private bathroom.

You'll also find a few great outdoor activities to join in on, such as canoeing, fishing, swimming, and exploring the area by way of local tours. There isn't a spa on-site, but there is a restaurant and bar, with plenty of dishes to choose from, including special menu items for those with allergies and kid approved plates.

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The reviews for this resort are stellar and quite impressive. First, there are a few guests that cite that even though the pictures of the resort are inviting, the resort in person is even better. This is a big positive as sometimes, pictures can be a little misleading. Other guests detail the resort staff as being very kind and respectable, as well as on the top of their game. The food also receives high marks and guests feel that there is plenty of variety in the plates served, even though there is only one restaurant on-site.


If you’re into the environment and believe in taking daily steps to help reduce your impact, then you’ll be delighted, along with past guests, to find out that this resort believes in doing the same, such as not using certain plastic items, with straws in particular.