With an isolated location and a fascinating mix of international cultures, a holiday in Mauritius is the dream of many. The Indian Ocean island of just over one million people has been making gains with international tourism, and plans to make it a duty-free zone in the coming years should keep the momentum going.

Of the dozens of fabulous resorts in Mauritius, only one has overwater bungalows (water villas), and fortunately it's one of the finest of them all. Depending on your source you might be fooled into thinking that the Oberoi Hotel in Mauritius also has water villas, but those are just villas set in front of private pools, so they don't really count for us.

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The best overwater bungalows in the Indian Ocean?

Before we discuss the water villa resort in Mauritius itself, we need to mention that the overwater villas in the Maldives are not only the finest in the world, but there are more than 75 resorts that feature well over 3,200 overwater bungalows. If you are absolutely going to Mauritius then check out the resort mentioned below, but if you’ve yet to lock in your destination and your primary goal is to stay in a water villa then check out the Maldives.


If you can go anywhere in the region you might also consider the overwater villas in Bora Bora, which are all luxurious and have better scenery than those in the Maldives.

Overwater bungalows in Mauritius

Constance Le Prince Maurice – Mauritius

  • Water villas: 11
  • Total rooms/suites: 89


Especially popular with French-speaking guests, the Constance Le Prince Maurice is a premier resort on the east coast of Mauritius. It has 11 water villas and 78 rooms on land, so this isn’t quite like the resorts in the Maldives where most or all of it is on stilts. The 8 Overwater Junior Suites are large and very good value, while the 3 Overwater Villas are huge and luxurious.


It’s also worth noting that the water villas at the Constance Le Prince Maurice are on stilts over a fish sanctuary so there’s no swimming allowed directly below them. The views are still gorgeous though, and the resort has a long list of restaurants, bars, and included activities for all guests, so it’s popular with romantic couples as well as those in search of an active holiday.


Overwater bungalows starting at US$595 per night

>More information about the Constance Le Prince Maurice – Mauritius

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