Only accessible by boat or ferry, the Exotic Ora Beach Resort is a family owned resort consisting of both land based and over the water based rooms. The land based rooms have a beach view while the rooms situated over the water are just slightly removed from the land, and don't extend far over the lagoon as those you would find in the Maldives. A stay here does include both breakfast and dinner, as well as a snack at 4pm.

Because of the resort's hard to reach location, along with the beautiful views at every turn, a stay here is perfect for a honeymooning couple looking for a cheaper alternative to an overwater vacation in the Maldives. The area is also home to a plentiful coral reef that is easily visible from the surface during low tide. If you love to snorkel and want to focus your holiday around the ocean, than this is a great resort to choose.

When venturing to this island as a scuba diver, you'll want to note that there isn't any place on-site that rents scuba gear. This means you'll want to bring your own or rent from a shop in Ambon.

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Reviews for this resort are very high, especially by guests who were prepared for an eco resort accommodation. Because there is no air condition in any of the rooms, you’ll want to make sure that you can handle that before booking. Because most of the guests at this resort spend almost their entire day, each day, in the ocean exploring the reef, having no air condition doesn’t seem to matter much.


This is a truly eco environment, meaning that you won’t find Wi-Fi here, but for lots of guests, this was a big plus as they’re looking to disconnect.

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