A small boutique resort on the island of Bora Bora, the Oa Oa lodge treats guests to a total of 8 rooms, alongside a few nicely appointed amenities. These amenities range from an entertainment system in each room alongside access to Wi-Fi. If you're traveling with an infant, cribs are available for use. Though there are no dining options or a spa located on-site, the resort is within walking distance to several restaurants and stores.

When booking your room, you'll quickly note that the three overwater bungalows are not true overwater rooms in that they are perched most of the way over the water, rather than situated completely on stilts above a lagoon. With numerous good reviews and a low nightly rate, this resort is a great choice if you're looking for a budget friendly accommodation option that still allows you the opportunity to enjoy an overwater vacation.

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Considering that this resort isn’t the fanciest, the reviews are quite good. Lots of guests praise the views from the overwater balconies and the location of the resort itself. Because the resort is so close to the supermarket (along with other stores), guests are able to walk freely to each, as well as enjoy the purchased food in their rooms.


There were a few complaints, but none that seem to deter guests from leaving an all-around good review. These include the slightly high noise level and the lack of an air conditioner.