An all-inclusive resort, the Nayara Bocas del Toro Resort is a fantastic location for your Panama vacation. Here you'll find a long list of amenities and features, including, but not limited to, a free round trip airport shuttle, a cooked to order breakfast, a stunning view of the ocean from your own private deck, as well as from a glass floor cut out, an on-site spa, and tons of water activities.

This is because guests are treated to paddleborading, kayaking, an outdoor pool, and excursions around the area via boat. Guests will also find on-site dining that presents with various plate options and drinks. If you like the idea of taking a stroll around the resort, but rather not have your feet in sand the entire time, you'll be delighted by the resort's very own private garden.

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The reviews for the Nayara Bocas del Toro Resort are very positive and outline a number of qualities that guests found to be very attractive. First and foremost, guests raved about both the food and cocktail list, stating that there’s a nice variety of choices to select from, including choices geared toward those who prefer a plate free of animal products. The staff members are also mentioned often in reviews, with guests detailing how attentive and kind they were, from the start of their trip to the very end.

For those who love the idea of viewing the ocean’s inhabitants from dry land, you’ll be very pleased to learn that not only can you relax while viewing the ocean underneath your villa via a glass floor cutout, but you’ll actually see lots of fish swimming below, not just sand and coral. The resort also plays host to boat rides, all of which have been thoroughly enjoyed by guests.