An all-inclusive resort with 7, 9 and 11 night options, guests will find a romantic island oasis at the Misool Eco Resort. Strictly environmentally aware and built with sustainability in mind, guests will find themselves in overwater villas that have been built on-site from locally milled and reclaimed wood. Adding to each villa's allure are grass roofs situated over outdoor seating areas that also provide an easy way to dip into the sea for an afternoon snorkel or swim.

In addition to beautiful, private rooms, guests will also find a restaurant on-site alongside a spa offering a variety of treatments to choose from. Scuba diving, snorkeling and excursions are also available to every guest staying at the resort, no matter which length of stay you choose.

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ABOUT THE Misool Eco Resort – Raja Ampat, Indonesia



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With fanastic reviews all around, the Misool Eco Resort wows with both their rooms and scuba diving experiences. As an all-inclusive resort, this resort wins the hearts and minds of its guests with great food, rooms, amenities and lastly, top class diving adventures throughout a healthy and vibrant reef system.


Reviews state that both the reef system and resort are ‘mind blowing’, ‘incredible’, ‘wonderful’ and much more. It seems that a stay here is completely worth the time it takes to get out to the island as well as the money.