it's not exactly the overwater bungalow that most people dream of, the Hotel Meliá Cayo Coco does have 68 rooms that share 18 total bungalows that are on stilts above their inland lagoon. This all-inclusive resort does show its age in some ways, but it offers great value for those who are looking for an overwater room, and who can legally travel to Cuba.

There are several restaurants and bars that are part of the all-inclusive package, plus daily replenishment of drinks in the in-room minibars. There is a long list of activities and water sports that are included in the price, so this could be ideal for those without the means to stay at the overwater resorts costing several times more.

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Reviews for the Hotel Meliá Cayo Coco are generally quite good, which is a bit surprising considering it’s so affordable and also all-inclusive. Many guests state that rooms are clean, comfortable and well decorated. They also point out that the common areas are nice as well, which is an important detail as it’s best if the entire resort is nicely presented and not just one part or another.


One unusual thing that a few reviewers mention is that beach chairs and umbrellas seem to be all accounted for before the sun is even up, even though no one sits in them until hours later. Considering the price and what you get, this seems like a good value resort with unusual overwater rooms.