The resort brand, LUX Collective is currently undergoing the initial construction stages of a new resort that will be open to visitors at the end of 2024. This overwater resort, the Luxnam Phu Quoc Resort, will house both land based rooms and those over the water. In total, there will be 126 villas, with 109 being overwater villas. In addition, it should be noted that the suites will range from 1 bedroom, all the way up to 5 bedrooms.

What really makes this resort a very interesting one, is that it will be situated adjacent to the Unesco listed Kien Giang Biosphere Reserved. Also, as you can see in the picture below, the two main areas of the resort will be connected via a 4 kilometer jetty that rests over the lagoon.

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Overwater villas and features

As mentioned, there will be a total of 109 overwater villas alongside the 13 beach pool villas, the 2 penthouses, and the 2 beachfront pool mansions. The overwater villas here will come in 2 categories, those sitting on stilts completely over the water, and those that are perched at the water’s edge. Both of these classes of villas will offer 2, 3, and 4 bedroom options.





The decor and furniture is comprised of timber from both old houses and boats, and is designed to be minimalist in look. You’ll also want to note that the overwater villas here will feature a private pool that looks out into the ocean.

Resort activities and things to do

As the villas will impress, so will the rest of the resort. Here you’ll find The Beach Rouge, which is inspired by the 1950s French Riviera. You’ll also find a swimming pool, snorkeling, scuba diving, sun bathing, a children’s playground, and a spa and fitness center.





Around the resort’s island, you’ll find lush forests with walkable forest paths and small treks to waterfalls. There will be a few dining options available, with one of them being the Jungle Restaurant which is perched on top of a hillside and is currently being designed to look like a treehouse.




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  1. We reviewed the choices here and didn’t see anything that looked affordable (cheap). We are looking for an over water room with all inclusive amenities so we can eat to much, drink to much and relax enough for 4 nights and 5 days. The issue has been finding a place in our “cheap” budget of 2300.00 for the accommodations plus about 400.00 for transportation to and from Male to the resort. Can you help?

    1. Michael,

      My top recommendation for an all-inclusive water villa in the Maldives is Meeru Island. They are one of the larger resorts and that allows them to offer very good rates and still keep a very high quality of service. The rates are different depending on the week or month you want to visit, so I’m not sure whether they fit your budget or not. If Meeru doesn’t fit your budget then you’ll probably have to settle for a resort that isn’t all-inclusive. Best of luck! -Roger