Featuring a mind-boggling 522 overwater villas and an additional 117 villas on land, the Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson is now by far the largest overwater resort in the world. Starting with a soft opening in 2015, this hotel is the fifth overwater hotel in the Port Dickson area, which is a short drive south of the Kuala Lumpur Airport. As the resort is still in the process of finishing its last rooms in mid 2016, the best is likely yet to come for this stunning property.

Each villa, including all of the water villas, features a private plunge pool on its deck, which is just off of a large and luxurious indoor bathroom. The building standards are very high and there is no doubt they are going for the luxury market here. It's worth noting that some of the plunge pools and private decks are facing the public walkways, so they aren't all quite as private as you might otherwise assume.

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The reviews for the Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson are generally very good, but there still seems room for improvement in some regards. As the resort started opening in 2015 and still isn’t fully complete and open in mid 2016, it’s understandable that kinks are being ironed out. Guests love the large rooms and the private plunge pools, though some do mention that they are within view of other guest rooms and walkways.


The food gets high marks from most guests, which is a pleasant surprise for a larger resort like this one. Most found that the service and staff were very professional, so hopes are high that this place is serious about maintaining a 5-star rating.