A medium sized 5-star resort housing a total of 81 rooms, 64 of which reside over the water, the Huma Island Resort & Spa is a solid choice for vacationers seeking a tropical escape in Asia. The overwater rooms here are geared toward the romantic (and adventurous) at heart and stun with a private sun deck, outdoor tub and shower, thatched roofs, and a window that allows for plenty of light to enter each villa.

In addition to the many lovely rooms, both on land and over the water, guests will find a spa, plenty of diving opportunities, a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and a well loved Kids' Club. Though more often than not, you'll find scuba loving couples residing in the villas, there are some that are kid friendly. There's even a family suite that is geared toward parents traveling with their little ones, making it so that you will see kids running around from time to time. Because this is a private island, you will need to take extra measures to reach it, which are outlined below.

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ABOUT THE Huma Island Resort & Spa – Palawan, Philippines


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Reviews for the Huma Island Resort & Spa are a mixed bag. There are plenty of great reviews to sort through, with guests praising the rooms, views, and the friendly staff. The rooms themselves are stated as clean, comfortable and nicely appointed. Another positive to note are the several celebrated dive sites that both snorkelers and scuba divers can enjoy. In fact, there are a few highly praised dive tours that you can book during your stay at the resort.


On the other hand, the food is viewed as less than desirable, and because of that, there are several people who feel that the resort is over priced. Because of this, you might not want to stay here if you are a foodie at heart. If food is the least of your concerns, or at least toward the bottom of your list, then you’ll find the rest of the resort to your standards.

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