A boaters' paradise, the Bitter End Yacht Club is an oasis for those who really enjoy the outdoors and prefer to spend as much time enjoying the beach and ocean as they can. Here you'll find lots of beach and water sports to enjoy, those of which range from snorkeling and scuba diving to beach jenga and volleyball. Because this resort does cater to the outdoorsy crowd, you won't find Wi-Fi in each of the rooms (though you will in the public areas) and you won't find a TV in your suite.

You will, however, find a few great dining options, all of which offer fresh tasty plates and drinks to enjoy. If you don't want to each in one of the on-site restaurants while surrounded by other guests, you do have the option of a private dining experience, which is something honeymooning couples rave about. The rooms here impress with views of the cove, marina, and island beyond with special access to the reef and rocks below via a set of private steps that attach to your private back deck.

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The reviews for the Bitter End Yacht Club Resort are very positive with lots of prior guests stating how fantastic the resort staff is, along with the dining choices. In fact, the word ‘perfect’ is used over and over again, which is something that most resorts dream about seeing in guest reviews. Going back to the staff reviews, it seems as if the staff is considered a community, one that really excels at making sure everything is not only top notch, but easy to access. This includes booking tours, considering the different dining options, and making sure that everything is exactly as should be in each and every suite.