that you've decided that you want to visit Tahiti or its next-door neighbor island Moorea, you are wondering when the best time to visit is. The bad news is that it's not an easy question to answer, but the good news is that this is because there are really no bad times. In other words, the best time to visit Tahiti is the time that you have available.

Each time of year has its positives and negatives, so each visitor will have to weigh their options themselves to find what's best for them. Some times of the year you'll get low prices and a small chance of rain, while other times you'll get higher prices and even less chance of rain. We'll go over all the details of each time of year below.

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Weather in Tahiti and Moorea

Check our main article that details Tahiti weather by month for specifics. You’ll notice that the temperatures are almost identical in every month, and the only variation is with the rainfall. As you probably know, these islands are a bit south of the equator, so their summer is technically from December through February.

High season for hotels: June through October

During the “winter” months the temperatures are a bit cooler and the humidity is a bit lower. Also, rainfall tends to be far less frequent, but you’ll still get an afternoon cloud burst or two each week during this period.


In July in particular there are many local Polynesian festivals on the islands, so even though most tourists don’t attend them, it’s worth noting if you are the type that might enjoy it.


With the weather being more ideal, a major reason why June and July have the highest rates for hotels in the area, including overwater bungalows in Tahiti and overwater bungalows in Moorea, is that this is an enormously popular destination for honeymoons, and summer is prime time for weddings in North America.


Hotel rates will be higher and availability will be more limited, but those who plan in advance should find an excellent resort with availability and rooms that are only 10 to 20% more than their off-season rates.


InterContinental Resort Moorea

Best scuba diving: April through November

The scuba diving and snorkeling are quite good all year, but it’s considered even better during the drier months from April through November, when fewer downpours upset the clear water below. With this in mind, those who are coming mostly for diving should consider April, May, or November, to take advantage of great conditions and lower room rates.

Off season: November through May

The lowest room rates can be found from November through May, though the December holidays do tend to get busy as well. December through March are the wettest months, although as mentioned above, the differences can be quite minor depending on the week you are actually there.


It’s more humid during this period, but cool sea breezes are never far away, especially in the afternoons. There’s also more persistent cloud cover, so if sunbathing is your main focus then this time of year is not ideal, but for other purposes you’re likely to find that the fast-moving clouds around sunset can produce some of the most beautiful scenes of your life.


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