Featuring 47 overwater chalets and suites among the 350 total rooms, the Berjaya Langkawi Resort is a 5-star hotel on the western side of Langkawi Island. Some overwater rooms are just off the lagoon's edge, while others are farther out, and they come in 4 different categories ranging from modestly posh to amazing and huge.

The resort has 9 different restaurants, lounges, and bars, so each guest should have little trouble finding a cuisine or style they really love. Scuba diving and many other water activities are available, as well as a variety of boat tours to different areas and islands nearby. For the luxury crowd in northern Malaysia, this should be a popular choice.

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ABOUT THE Berjaya Langkawi Resort – Malaysia



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Reviews of the Berjaya Langkawi Resort are very good, with almost no negative comments to be found. The overwater rooms in particular get very high marks, as they are very spacious compared to most of the rain forest rooms. The resort itself is labeled as relaxing, beautiful and a perfect destination.


The food is reviewed well, with different guests preferring different restaurants the best. The service comes off as quite good as well, though a few guests had minor booking problems, although others were upgraded upon arrival. With such a large resort, it’s impossible to control everything, but this resort seems to be doing a fine job.

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