The original water villa resort in this booming part of Malaysia, the Avillion Port Dickson is a classic luxury hotel. There are about 80 water villas on 7 piers leading off of the main resort area. Similar to all of the other overwater resorts in this area, you can't swim beneath the villas and the tide is sometimes so far in that there is just sand below. But still this is a relaxing setting and the wooden rooms have a great feeling.

There are 2 actual beaches that are part of this resort, so swimming is popular, it's just that there are no steps down from the water villas. They also have 2 restaurants, a steam room and sauna, a tennis court, and gym. This place is very popular with Malay and Singaporean guests, and is becoming very popular with Chinese visitors as well.

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The Avillion Port Dickson gets mostly positive reviews, but it gets its share of mediocre reviews as well. This resort first opened in the 1990s and many guests point out that its age is showing. The service gets high marks and the setting does as well, but some guests mention that the rooms are due for refurbishment.


Unusual for a water villa resort, this one gets high marks for its family facilities although there is also an adult pool area. That said, some guests point out that the family atmosphere can be a bit overwhelming during the day. If you are looking for a romantic couples resort, this might not be your top choice in the area.