Operated by the Banyan Tree Group, Angsana is a boutique brand of luxury resorts and spas, and the Angsana Velavaru Resort in the Maldives fits perfectly into their style. Featuring 33 water villas in addition to 79 additional villas on the main island, this resort is unusual in that the water villas are nearly a full kilometer out into the lagoon, connected only by a ferry that frequently goes back and forth.

The villas and suites on the island are 4-star plus, but the overwater villas are solidly 5-star, with all the modern amenities including a private infinity pool for each one. The villas also each feature a sundeck on the roof, giving guests access to sunshine at any time of day. Perfect for a honeymoon or other romantic getaway, the Angsana Velavaru Resort is not cheap, but a wonderful retreat for those with the finest of tastes.

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Reviews for the Angsana Velavaru Resort are generally excellent, especially for those who’ve stayed in the water villas. Many guests stayed for a period of time on the main island, and another period of time in one of the water villas, and nearly everyone says the overwater rooms are far nicer and generally the way to go.


The service, staff, rooms, facilities, and food all get very high marks from nearly every reviewer, especially (once again) from those who stayed mostly in the overwater section of the resort. Some mention that some of the villas are situated much better than some others due to occasional noise and view, so it’s worth asking for a premium location if possible. Some also state that they wish there were more dining options, though this may just be a personal preference as many feel that there are plenty of options on-site.

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