Though not situated on an ocean island, the 500 Rai Khao Fok Floating Resort offers travelers the ability to stay in overwater villas that rest just above a lake's surface, thus offering some impressive lakeside and mountain views. In fact, there are several different overwater villa options here, ranging from the standard deluxe room to the Family villa, to the Honeymoon suite. Each room option is designed to house 2 or more people, even the Honeymoon suite. This way, if you're traveling with a group, you won't have to select multiple suites to stay in and instead can stay all together.

Because this resort caters to adventurers who want to explore the natural world around them as much as possible, in addition to being disconnected from ‘the real world', you won't find an entertainment system in your room, or internet. You will however, find lots of swimming options, kayaking options, local tours, and dining. Essentially, you won't find a luxury resort with all the bells and whistles here, but you will find an oasis for nature minded visitors.

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A lot of the reviews are very good, while there are a few guests that didn’t like certain aspects of the resort. For example, the boat transfer charges seemed to have changed at the last minute for a few guests, but not for others.


On the other hand, the staff members receive high marks all around and guests consistently praise the resort staff as being friendly, easy to talk to, and very attentive. The location of the resort is also well talked about, and guests feel that the views from their villas are next to none.

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