Featuring 12 Overwater Tented Villas, the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is one of Cambodia's most unusual and highly acclaimed hotels. The setting on the otherwise pristine river is breathtaking and the service the lodge provides is reminiscent of a resort that would charge several times more. The tented villas are large and well appointed, and the ceiling fan combined with river breezes keeps them comfortable at all times.

The restaurant has an acclaimed chef preparing local and international dishes, but the lodge is also a short boatride away from local fishing villages where guests can buy fresh fish and lobsters and have them prepared. Considering the reasonable room rates, the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge offers fantastic value along with something guests won't ever forget.

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Reviews of the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge are extremely positive, with only a tiny minority expressing any dislikes at all. Considering the reasonable price and the unusual accommodations, this is an excellent sign that the resort exceeds expectations for nearly all guests.


Most reviews highly praise the service and the staff, especially the person who initially greets you. The location is also a huge hit, as is the access to nearby fishing villages that are otherwise impossible to reach. If the tent-style water bungalows sound good to you this one is a very safe bet for an excellent stay.