Built in the 1960's, the Aimeo Lodge (formerly known as Club Bali Hai) arguably invented the overwater bungalow, and although it has recently undergone some renovations, it still presents that ‘classic' overwater bungalow look. In total there are 30 land and sea based rooms to select from, with 6 of those being rooms that stretch out over the lagoon. These rooms help to give travelers an overwater vacation without having to pay a high fee for one. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to find nightly rates for an overwater room that come anywhere close to the Aimeo Lodge nighty rates.

Because the resort does act more like a vacation rental company than a hotel, you'll find that the usual amenities you'd expect to find are not present. With that said, you'll still find an outdoor pool, free kayaks to use, and a gift shop. There is also a restaurant on-site if you rather not drive to eat or cook in your private kitchen. However it must be noted that it is only open from 7am to 2pm. It should also be noted that children are fully welcomed in the overwater rooms, making this a more family friendly overwater resort compared to a few others in the area.

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Before the Aimeo Lodge was named, the resort was known as the Club Bali Hai Hotel and there were quite a lot of complaints from many different guests. These complaints ranged from the lack of room amenities to the overwhelming amount of insects. Since the resort has been re-named and under new management, the rooms have undergone a few updates and small renovations.


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