Water villas closest to Seychelles

With 115 total islands in a beautiful tropical setting it's no surprise that many people wonder if there are any water villas or overwater bungalows on the Seychelles. Unfortunately, there are none as of now, and no plans to build any that we are aware of, but the good news is that there are a huge stock of these resorts nearby, mostly in the Maldives.

In fact, around two-thirds of the world's 125 or so overwater resorts are in the Maldives, so there is far more choice here than anywhere else on the globe. There's also a single water villa resort in Mauritius, which is just to the south, and a bit closer to South Africa.

Overwater bungalows closest to Seychelles

About 1800 kilometers due south of the Seychelles you'll find one overwater bungalow resort in Mauritius. It's a luxurious resort, but the overwater suites are perched just barely over their lagoon, so they aren't quite the ones that so many people dream of spending their honeymoon in.

About 1800 kilometers northeast of the Seychelles you reach the Maldives, which is also just southwest of India. This group of islands is home to most of the overwater bungalows (which are usually called ‘water villas' there) in the world. Each of these resorts is on its own private island, and they range from tiny boutique resorts to large and boisterous hotels that are popular with families and groups.

Maldives water villas

Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort

If you are coming from Europe or the Middle East then getting to the Maldives is far easier than getting to Seychelles anyway. There are frequent direct flights connecting through Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which means that with one connection you can reach the Maldives from pretty much anywhere in Europe, Africa, or Asia.

Even including a short layover, most people can get from a large airport in Europe to the Maldives airport in around 11 hours.

From all-inclusive budget to ultra-luxury

The best thing about the wide choice available in the Maldives is that there is something for nearly every budget. The cheapest water villa resorts start at around US$300 per night, and include all meals for two people. The nicer resorts start closer to US$400 per night and go way up from there.

Photo credit: n.macca on Flickr

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