Tahiti King Overwater Bungalows for US$315 per night for two

When many people hear that the most desirable overwater bungalows in Bora Bora start at nearly US$1,000 per night, they give up on their dream of staying in one. Fortunately, you can actually get one of these amazing rooms for as little as US$315 per night on Tahiti, at a world-class 4.5-star luxury resort.

The InterContinental Tahiti Resort is offering its Motu overwater bungalows at that price on a promotion through the coming few months. Instead of just giving up and getting a standard hotel room in Hawaii, you can stay in an overwater room complete with a king-size bed with premium linens, and much more.

The Deal

A Motu Overwater Bungalow at the InterContinental Resort Tahiti for only US$315 per night for two people.

The Details

This rate is only available through hotels.com, which is our booking partner, and the source for the best deals in the South Pacific. This is a non-refundable rate, but there is no minimum stay requirement to qualify, so it's good even on short stays for those hopping to other nearby islands.

Tahiti offers the best value

As wonderful as Bora Bora is, it's also quite remote, and requires another 50-minute (expensive) flight from Tahiti. When you price the airfare and the accommodation and then take the travel time into account you'll realize that Bora Bora requires a far bigger commitment.

On the other hand, the InterContinental Resort Tahiti is just around the island corner from the Tahiti International Airport (but not in the flight path) so you could be swimming in the lagoon below your overwater bungalow less than an hour after you collect your luggage after your flight, while those going on to Bora Bora are still waiting in the lounge for their onward flight.

Combine that with the amazing room rates, and it's not hard to see that Tahiti offers fantastic value for a very similar vacation. It also offers a much wider selection of activities and dining choices, so for many people it's actually a better destination regardless of price.

No compromises even at a low rate

Perhaps the best thing about this deal is that the InterContinental Tahiti Resort is among the highest rated in guest reviews in the South Pacific. We've all probably booked a cheap room only to find out why it's so cheap once we check in, but in this case they are offering low rates to help fill up during the low season.

This resort is very popular with romantic couples, but also ideal for families since it has a Kids Club, and extensive facilities for the young ones. When people write to me asking for the best resort in the lower price ranges in the South Pacific, this is the one I always recommend first.

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