Opened only at the end of 2011, the Song Saa Private Island Resort immediately joined the ranks of the finest resorts in all of Asia. With 9 Overwater Villas in addition to 18 Garden and Beach Villas, this is pure 5-star-plus luxury that you might not expect in Cambodia. Certainly not cheap, the resort operates on an all-inclusive basis for all guests, including extras like free laundry service, so it's a better value than it might otherwise seem.

The Overwater Villas here are all huge and each has a private pool out on the deck, and all the super-luxury amenities you'd want as well. Even so early in its life, the Song Saa has earned a reputation for impeccable service and excellent cuisine. This hotel is easily on the level of some of the finest in the Maldives, and it's easier to reach for most people in Asia as well.

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Reviews of the Song Saa Private Island Resort are exceptional, which is even more encouraging because this includes even the first visitors who stayed in 2012. The overwater villas and all the other rooms are praised as huge and very well appointed, with every last detail attended to.


The service gets very high marks as well, which shouldn’t be surprising in this price category, but it’s still get to see that they live up to the promise. The food in the restaurant is said to be exceptional and Michelin-star quality, and this sounds right for the category yet it’s still a bit surprising considering this is essentially an all-inclusive resort. This resort seems like a great option for those celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary.

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