Overwater bungalows closest to the US and Canada

Once you start researching overwater bungalows and villas, you'll find that there are dozens of overwater resorts around the world, giving lots of people the opportunity to visit one that isn't too terribly far away. If you reside in North America, particularly the US and Canada, then you'll note that there aren't any overwater resorts along the vast stretches of coastline, however, there is one within the state of Florida. The Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows is located in Orlando and is a good choice for families visiting the area and parks.

If you're looking for a true over the water experience, then you'll want to either head to the South Pacific, the Caribbean, or the Caribbean coast of Central America.

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Best time to visit the Maldives: Here’s what you need to know

If you are unsure of when the best time to visit the Maldives is, I have good news for you. It's a slightly complicated topic discussed in detail below, but the quick answer is that almost any time you can make it, the Maldives will be waiting for you with nearly-perfect warm and sunny weather.

Its location starting around the equator and stretching up for about 1,000 kilometers puts it in the sweet spot for warm weather literally every day of the year. You are probably going to be looking into water villas in the Maldives, and we can help you with that elsewhere on this website. Maldives weather is usually perfect for an island resort in the Indian Ocean, although it does change slightly through the year. [read more]

Overwater villas closest to Sri Lanka

A beautiful and impressive island nation that's found just off the south east tip of India, Sri Lanka is fast becoming a popular vacation destination. On this island you'll find large ruins, sandy beaches, tropical jungle, and even a few arid delights.

Although you can find lots of different accommodation options throughout the entire island, ranging from upscale resorts to hostels, you won't find any overwater villa resorts. Because of this, you'll have to travel to another location to experience your dream overwater escape. Now you may think that this means you have to change your entire vacation plan and start looking into the resorts found in the South Pacific, but luckily there is a much closer option- the Maldives.

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Overwater villas closest to Zanzibar

Found within the Indian Ocean just 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania, the archipelago of Zanzibar is a stunning place to visit that offers beautiful, clear waters to wade and snorkel in alongside wide stretches of beach. You'll also find lots of beachfront hotels here, but at the moment, none of the hotels offer overwater villas.

Because of this, you'll have to travel a little further away to find your overwater escape. Luckily, you won't have to travel all the way to the Caribbean or the South Pacific to make your overwater dream come true. In fact, you'll find a few great choices right in Africa.

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Overwater bungalows closest to Puerto Rico

Serving as an extremely popular island destination, Puerto Rico is an easy to reach tropical location. Because of this, it's not surprising that many travelers wonder if the island houses any overwater resorts. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico is not yet an overwater bungalow destination, but at least there are islands nearby that are.

For instance, you'll find 3 Sandals resorts that now offer overwater rooms and all-inclusive stays. For more information about these overwater bungalows and others that are close by, continue reading below.

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About overwater bungalows and water villas

First introduced in the South Pacific only a few decades ago, the overwater bungalow is now one of the hottest trends in the resort world. Honeymoon couples have been staying in these iconic rooms since the beginning, but now they are popular with families and adventure travelers as well.

For many people, the South Pacific island of Bora Bora is the most famous destination for the best overwater bungalows, but it's actually the Maldives, which is just southwest of India, where most of these huts-on-stilts exist. The Maldives has more than 90 resorts that feature water villas (as they are typically known there), with several new private-island resorts opening every year.

In the South Pacific you will find almost a dozen resorts on Bora Bora, another five on Moorea, and two on Tahiti that have over water villas. There are about 10 additional overwater resorts on other South Pacific islands stretching all the way to Fiji and New Caladonia.

There are also about a dozen overwater bungalow resorts in the Caribbean, mostly off the coast of Central America, with nearly all of them being diving-oriented “eco resorts.” But a few luxury overwater bungalows exist and more are being built on St. Lucia and other islands in the popular areas of the Caribbean, and this website will be the best place to look for information on all of them.