Overwater villa for solo travelers? Here’s a Maldives 5-star for US$160/night

GangehiIslandResort300You'll find solo travelers in almost every corner of the world, but you probably wouldn't expect to find too many of them staying in a romantic overwater villa in the Maldives. After all, these private-island resorts are most popular with the honeymoon set, so you might fear that staying alone among all that would be extra depressing.

But the good news is that if you are interested in a solo stay in a water villa, you can do it for an unbelievable price. Pretty much every overwater-bungalow resort in the world charges the same for one person as they do for two, except of course for the all-inclusive resorts that need to charge extra for food and drinks. Still, there is one place that continues to offer water villas for one at exactly half the price of two people, even though it's the same room.

The 5-star Gangehi Island Resort in the Maldives: US$160 for one person

GanghiWaterVillaActually, the Gangehi Island Resort is probably more like 4 stars by most people's scales, but it's still very nice and it gets great reviews. And including taxes and fees, the total comes to just over US$180 per night for one person. Still, that is literally about half the price of any other water villa in the Maldives or Bora Bora or almost anywhere else.

The rate even includes breakfast daily, so it's only the cost of lunch and dinner you need to deal with, and almost every activity on the island is free as well. The water villas at the Gangehi Island Resort are an impressive 76 square meters, so they are close to three times the size of a typical city hotel room. They only have one style of water villa at this resort, so they are the same whether booked by 1, 2, or 3 people.

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Is a solo overwater bungalow holiday worth it?

GanghiRestaurantIf you are a travel nut and a daydreamer like me you might already be thinking about booking a water villa just for yourself. I'm going to seriously look into this the next time I'm anywhere near the Maldives because it's such a great deal. I think of it like going on a cruise in that most single passengers have to pay for a whole cabin, so it's extremely expensive even if it weren't depressing.

The Ganghi is run by Italian management and the past guests have good things to say about the social situation as well as the food. When the choices are staying home or going to a tropical paradise by myself at a very reasonable cost, this is a tough option to pass up.

By the way, this “half price” deal seems to be available through much of the year, so it's not just for the slowest month or two.

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