Overwater bungalow honeymoon special in Moorea for US$431 per night

The resort islands in the South Pacific have their high season from June through October each year, even though temperatures are almost constant year-round and even the rainy months aren't too rainy. With demand at its lowest from early January through the end of March, you can get some amazing deals at these resorts while enjoying near-perfect weather at the same time.

I've just come across a jaw-dropping deal that appears to be about 50% off the already-reasonable rates at the Moorea Pearl Resort, which has a beautiful setting on an island just northwest of Tahiti.

Honeymoon special at the Moorea Pearl Resort

Overwater bungalow: US$431 per night includes:

  • Full breakfast
  • Free dinner
  • 1 bottle of French champagne (50cl) upon arrival
  • 1 Tahitian black pearl in its jewel case for bride (per couple, per stay)

Fine print: “Wedding certificate must be presented upon registration. Rate is valid 9 months post wedding dates.” It also appears that you have to stay for at least 3 nights to get this rate, but that won't be a problem for most people.

Other island rooms start at under US$200 per night, also at a big discount.

Why this is a great deal

The normal high-season rates for the Moorea Pearl Resort are close to US$800 per night, not including the dinner, champagne, and free pearl. The cheapest off-season discount rates I've seen in the past year are just below US$600 per night, also not including dinner.

This is a luxurious 4-star resort with a great location near Cook's Bay on the beautiful island of Moorea. It's actually quite a good deal even at normal prices and this is honestly the cheapest luxury overwater bungalow I've seen for the South Pacific in the past year.

Better still, Moorea is only an 8-minute flight or a 35-minute ferry ride from Tahiti, so it's much faster and cheaper to reach than the Bora Bora overwater bungalow resorts, which require an expensive 55-minute flight.

You can compare all the Moorea overwater bungalow resorts on one page, and get details about the Moorea Pearl Resort in an organized fashion.

Go to their official website in order to get the Honeymoon deal.

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