New Florida overwater resort Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to open late 2019

Set to open in October of this year, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is a grand sight that is sure to impress every guest that chooses to vacation there. Located in Hollywood, Florida, which is situated on the state's southern east coast and close to Miami, you'll find a vibrant area with lots to do and see, in case you get the notion to leave the resort's bounds.

Inside of the resort you'll also find plenty of choices as this Hard Rock location is filled with live entertainment, retail shops, a multi-acre waterscape, dozens of restaurant and bars selections, an impressive spa, and of course, a lively casino. You'll also find a few different sized overwater rooms that are found in the center of the waterscape, and offer luxury and comfort in a pretty package.

Overwater rooms and their amenities

As you can see from the picture found above, there are overwater rooms to stay in, in addition to the land based rooms.These overwater rooms are located in the middle of the resort's lagoon feature, which is very impressive and offers guests views of the guitar shaped tower, the water, and the palm tree lined beach. Also, because the rooms are located in the center of the lagoon, you'll find a stay in this part of the resort offers a bit more privacy than the rest, making it a good choice for romantic couples.

In each room, you'll find a TV, Wi-Fi, a king sized bed, a sitting area, and more. Outside of the room you'll be delighted with a private terrace and a personal plunge pool that looks over the lagoon. Room service is also a top priority of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino with a 24 hour butler service included with each room.

Resort features and amenities

Because the Hard Rock Hotel chain is all about having a good time, you'll find a plethora of amenities and features to choose from, so much in fact, that you'll find it hard to make time to do and see everything. Which is a very good position to be in.  One of the main amenities, if not THE main one, is the resort's casino. Right behind gambling is the Hard Rock Live entertainment and concert venue. Here you'll find live acts to enjoy, and a reason to stay at the resort instead of venturing out for some nightlife on the town.

Guests will also enjoy a day club, an extremely large spa, 42,000 square feet in total, a salon, fitness center, dining and bar options (nearly 40 in total), a resort beach complete with sand, retail shops, and lots of water activities.

Even though this resort is land based, water activities such as paddleboarding, canoeing, and swimming just beyond the beach are possible because of the resort's 13.5 acres of waterscape. This area is where you'll find the overwater rooms.

Nearby attractions and activities

Because the state of Florida attracts so many visitors from not only the United States, but the rest of the world as well, you can expect to find lots of great things to do, each and every single day of your visit. This rings true for pretty much the entire state, but especially in the highly populated sections of the state.

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