Maldives Jacuzzi water villa with full board for US$560 per couple

MeeruMaldivesAerialThere's no getting around it, the high season in the Maldives is almost here, so finding any attention-getting bargains is impossible. From December through March these private-island resorts can fill their villas and suites at the highest prices of the year, and if you hesitate there is somebody standing behind you ready to take the room. But all is not lost because there are a few resorts that offer excellent value in the high season.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa is among the largest resorts in the Maldives, and with 106 water villas it has the second most in the world. This size allows them to offer Jacuzzi water villas for US$560 per night with full board in high season. At most other resorts you'll need to spend more than that with no meals or Jacuzzi included, so this is a better deal that you might first think.

The Deal

A Jacuzzi Water Villa at the Meeru Island Resort & Spa for US$560 (plus service and tax) per night for two people, including three meals per day. For one person it's only US$483 and for three people it's US$753 per night.

The Details

This rate is only available through our booking partner, It's valid for available dates in January, February, and March, and there is free cancellation. The rate goes up for dates when the resort is close to being sold out, so booking soon is critical to getting the best price. Check the Agoda page for the Meeru Island Resort & Spa for your own travel dates.

Huge water villas for this price range

Meeru-Jacuzzi-Water-Villa-Interior_lgThe Meeru Island Resort actually has 27 standard water villas with no Jacuzzi, and those are quite a bit smaller. The rates are lower so they sell out quickly, but really the best deal are these Jacuzzi Water Villas that are 85 square meters (915 square feet) each including the private deck. Many of the more affordable Maldives water villas are about half that size, making this an even better deal overall.

As the name implies, each Jacuzzi water villa comes with a private Jacuzzi for two people in the semi-enclosed bathroom area out on the deck. They are a big step up from a “Jacuzzi tub” that just adds jets to a normal bathtub for one person. Each water villa also comes with a flat-screen TV, minibar, and even bathrobes for each guest.

Great food and activity choices, plus great reviews

Meeru-Jacuzzi-Water---Villa-Exterior_lgAnother advantage the Meeru Island Resort has in being large is that it can offer a huge range of activities that are included in the room rate. There are two freshwater pools and a long list of water sports that are all free for guests, as well as tennis courts, beach volleyball, and even a 9-hole pitch & putt golf course with a driving range.

With all of this and reasonable room rates you might expect that this is one of those mass-market resorts that cuts every corner possible, but it's not. Check the reviews both on Agoda and on TripAdvisor and you'll see that it gets very high marks from almost every guest. In this price range you'd otherwise have to choose a small beach room or come during June to get a Jacuzzi water villa, but at Meeru you get the best of both worlds.

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