Deluxe Maldives water villa 50% off flash sale now US$541 per night

KudafunafaruAerialSideThese past few weeks have seen a huge rush in Maldives water villa bookings for the upcoming high season and peak season months, and as a result room rates are spiking and deals are hard to come by. All of that makes this “flash sale” all the more amazing, and it won't last long. Right now you can get a 5-star deluxe water villa that is larger than most houses for only US$541, which is 50% off.

There are other Maldives water villas in that price range for these dates, but none of them are anywhere near this large or luxurious. The Zitahli Resorts & Spa Kuda-Funafaru is a solid 5-star private island hotel with only 30 water villas and 20 island villas, so it's smaller and more exclusive than anything else in this price range as well.

The Deal

A Deluxe Aqua Villa at the Zitahli Resorts & Spa Kuda-Funafaru for US$541 per night (plus tax and service) for two people including breakfast. A Super Deluxe Aqua Villa with Pool is only US$628 per night for two people.

The Details

This promotional flash sale is only offered through Agoda and for a short time only. The rate is offered pending availability for dates in October and November, but no end date for the flash sale is given so book soon to lock it in. There is no minimum stay required to get the rate, but it's best to check your own dates on the Agoda page for the Zitahli Kuda Funararu to lock it in while it's still offered.

Luxury bathrooms as large as other entire water villas

KudafunafaruSpaIf you are considering this deal I highly recommend you jump over to the main resort page and scroll down to the bottom to watch the 2-minute video tour of one of these water villas. The video is of a Super Deluxe Aqua Villa, which is only a bit larger than the Deluxe ones but it also has a large swimming pool on the private deck.

These water villas are 186 or 190 square meters, which is over 2,000 square feet, and larger than most suburban homes. Of course, much of that area is the private deck out front, which has its own rain shower in addition to the indoor rain shower, but the bathroom itself also has a huge Jacuzzi tub in its center with great views of the lagoon. Seriously, the bathroom in these villas is larger than many entire water villas at lesser resorts.

Five restaurants and bars plus a world class spa

KudafunafaruRestaurantWhen you hear that a resort only has a total of 50 rooms you might assume that it has exactly one restaurant, and in many cases in the Maldives you'd be right. But at the Zitahli Resorts & Spa Kuda-Funafaru they have two restaurants, a cafe, and two bars in addition to private dining that can be served in your room or out on the beach. In other words, this is an exclusive place meant for people who don't like crowds but do love great service.

The spa has its own plunge pools and relaxation lounges as it offers a wide assortment of treatments and massages. The reviews of this resort are very good so this flash sale is a bit of a surprise, but no one else has to know how much you paid once you get there.

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